DIY Full Color Mixing 3D Printer





Introduction: DIY Full Color Mixing 3D Printer

This Instructables is going to be a work in progress... It's not going to be completed yet, but I wanted to get it started now and I'll work on it over the next couple of weeks to make it a comprehensive Instructable...

Here's a video I made explaining the set-up and how it all works. I'll make a better set of videos that detail everything individually in the near future, but this video should work for now.


So if you are interested in the project - like it, favorite it, save it, then check back in a couple weeks and it should be done...

I did all of this on a Rostock Max that I completely redesigned and rebuilt to utilize the diamond hotend and full color mixing with the new Repetier firmware... I built mine around a delta, however, I want to make this Instructables as universal as possible so you can set it up on any machine you'd like... But I'll mostly be covering deltas because that is what I have/use... But a basic Cartesian FDM printer should be no problem also. (It's actually easier, deltas can be tricky)

Sites to follow

Here are my pages/profiles that I'll be referring to a lot... So follow me on them and you'll get updates as I post them

My Thingiverse

My YouTube Channel

If you would like to connect with me on a professional level here's my Linkedin. (I'm always open to new connections, gotta get to that 500+ connection status, LOL)
My Linkedin


Here's what I plan to cover in this comprehensive Instructable

1) Getting the controller board ready for three extruders... I hacked a Rambo board to drive three extruders, however, you can use any board you want... (most people use a rumba due to it having all the pins/components needed for 3 extruders native on the board)

2) Rewriting Repetier firmware to get color mixing working on your machine.

3) How to install, configure, and use the diamond hotend - tips / tricks / lessons learned / etc...

4) My original bowden extruder design and various ways to mount the three extruders for your set-up

5) My universal magnetic effector plate and accompanying hotend mounts for quickly swapping various hotends. (delta specific)

6) How to design multi-color models and making STLs that can be exported and used as a individual STLs or combining them into an AMF file for slicing...

7) Configuring color mixing in Repetier and Slic3r to print above mentioned multi-color models.

8) Anything else I can think of later that I can't think of now.

9) Comprehensive overview of Quantum Mechanical Entanglement as it pertains to multi-color printing (just kidding, I don't understand that shit... But I will cover multi-color printing throughly)

Step 1: Getting Everything in Order

Step 2: The Diamond Hotend

Step 3: Configuring Firmware



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    Its been quite a while since this was updated. Is this project still in the works or has it been abandoned? Just really curious about how you did the mixing with solid filament and seemingly no process to get the filaments to mix together so their pigments would mesh and create the new color.

    You know you can save as draft and then publish it all when you are done?, the maker of the Original Diamond Hotend, are working on a 5way Diamond Hotend now. Just to answer @Tengo10

    Heatsinks not being properly prepared on this photo, but the Diamond tip is :)


    pretty amazing.
    I like how you put all the hot ends into one. I only saw them in a separated setup. Is this possible with 5 for a full colored printer or is this to much to rewrite the code?

    You can do 5... It's just a lot going on... But wouldn't be difficult... I plan on doing a 5 lead one in the future which will give me white and black... Then I'll truly have full color

    I'm going to buy my self a prusa i3, from sunhoky I think. I think I will try your idea after I completely understand how everything is working and I'm getting great quality prints... could take some time but yeah, everyone need a hobby.

    im with you :D

    i got a prusia i3 on its way gonna get that running smooth and this will be one of my later mods... this is awesomeness incarnate and will be cheaper then the full cymk(w) one that is out there currently.

    Make it 6, and you can have an alpha channel.

    Isn't the CMYK color space the one you need to get a full spectrum? That would require 4 leads. Traditional printers use more colors for additional accuracy but 4 looks like the bare minimum.

    CMYK - Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black - is what works on paper printers... But that only works because it utilizes the white of the paper with the mixing... On a 3d printer, you don't have that so you will need a white feed.

    you are absolutely right ... CMYKW to the rescue ;)