So there are already some instructables about el Panel, but you always need to know how to use a serigraph machine, or
a vinyl cutter, there are disavantages with serigraph because if you want to have more than 2 colors you will need to make
2 screens, and is too much work if you will do only 1 decal, with vinyl cutter is the same, you need to vector the drawing and you
can use few colors, there is a better way and everyone with a color printer can do it.


Step 1: Materials

El Panel any size you want
Inkjet Printer (more dpi and color quality is better)
Guillotine paper cutter or scissors or X-Acto cutter

<p>I found a good source for the panels here www.el-w.com and here www.etsy.com/shop/lightkraft . Those were the best prices I've found in the US.</p>
O-O are you a Miku fan!?!? I sure am. (Yet I'm a dude... Fanboying!!!) where did you get the decals
you can use decals, but these ones are not decals, those are INKJET CLEAR PRINTER ACETATE FILM, you just need a color printer and print anything you want :D
Glowing patches is a cool idea.

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