The LilyPad Electronic Platform is an electronic platform designed to be easily sewn into fabric using conductive thread, which provides designers freedom from the traditional construction method of soldering.  The LilyPad consists of 3 sensors (temperature, light, and acceleration), a button board, and 4 kinds of output devices: a tri-colored LED, a white LED, a sound board, and a buzzer board. This Instructable shows you how to construct a full demonstration of the LilyPad's functions. 

When discussing soft circuit components, especially when talking to those unfamiliar with electronics, it's extremely useful to be able to point to a physical device demonstrating how components connect to another and their possible functionality.  In that vein, I sewed together all the LilyPad components (with the exception of the XBee) and wrote a small script that ties each sensor to an output device.  

When complete, the model demonstrates four functionalities:
1) a light sensor that, when covered, triggers the LilyPad to play a programmed song;
2) an accelerometer that, when shaken, triggers a flashing light;
3) a temperature sensor that, when triggered, vibrates a motor; and
4) a button that, when pushed, triggers a flashing light.

The video below demonstrates all the functionality of all components. The sound board has a low output so turn your speakers up!

Step 1: Layout of Components

List of Materials:
1 LilyPad Main Board
3 White LEDs
1 Tri-Colored LED
1 LilyPad Power Supply
1 Buzzer
1 Vibe Board
1 Accelerometer
1 Light Sensor
1 Temp Sensor
1 Button Board
Copper Taffeta
Garment Shielding
Conductive Thread
Conductive Tape

I wanted to expose all the sewing lines, so I thought it best to utilize the circular nature of the LilyPad by spacing the components in a ring around the main board.  After placing the components and determining which pins would connect to which components, I sewed everything down, purposefully not sewing the Positive and Minus lines required for power of the main board and all the sensors.

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