I really like full English breakfasts.. and I really like pizza so I decided to combine the two and made a Full English Breakfast Pizza!

The ingredients needed to make the pizza are:
Pizza dough - store bought or handmade, enough for one pizza base
Grated cheese
One tomato
One potato
One egg
Two mushrooms
Two sausages
Three rashers of bacon
Five table spoons of baked beans
Half a small tin of tomato puree

Step 1: Cut and fry potatoes

The first thing that needs to be done is to cut the potato into slices and fry them. This is necessary as potato takes such a long to cook that it would not be completely cooked through if you just put it straight onto the pizza and into the oven!
<p>looks disgusting - must try at first opportunity! - minus beans, sadly, the effect is neither amusing nor tolerable.</p><p>more bacon &amp; snausages, perhaps &amp; less hot dog ?</p><p>certainly More Mushrooms!</p><p>this is an amazong combination of Favorite Things - BRAVO!</p><p>EATING!</p><p>Thanks for posting.</p>
<p>wow! This looks great!</p>
Hey. <br>Just made your pizza, but replaced the mushrooms with onions and upped it to a bigger pan to feed my family. I also used hashbrowns just to avoid having to slice the potato, and have it cook a bit faster. <br> <br>They loved it, we all agreed that it was a meal we would have agian, which in my house is a rare thing.
Interesting idea, suppose I could also go crazy and eat something like this, it's only breakfast after all.
does not look very appetizing....
That really does look tasty
Replace the processed hot dogs with some proper pork &amp; apple sausages (and a few pieces of black pudding) and your there! :)<br><br>Would sticking fried bread and hash browns onto it be too much? ;)
I often make a breakfast pizza somewhat similar to this, though a bit more simple (cheese, bacon or pancetta, diced tomatos &amp; egg). Quite tasty, but just like your recipe the one I got this from recommended putting the eggs on after the pizza had been in for a while (4 min in this case). I found if I did that the eggs would never be cooked by the time the rest of the pizza was done and I felt like I waited forever for the whites to firm up. So now I just crack them on with everything else and pop it all in the oven - works much better. I wonder, are your eggs room temperature when you crack them, or have they been kept in the fridge?<br><br>I've found they cook even faster if you semi-scramble them, which I like better because it gets more even egg coverage, but my wife disagrees, so we always have at least one on there with the yoke not broken.
I take my eggs out of the fridge around the same time that I make the dough, so they tend to be around room temperature when I add them to the pizza. I never though of semi-scrambling them first, maybe I'll try that next time.. but I do like having the runny yolk when you cut into the pizza! :)
This looks like a totally epic meal - Finally an excuse to have pizza for breakfast :D
You never need an excuse to have pizza for breakfast! ;)
This looks amazing. Must try.
it look like vomit on a plate but it is so YUMMY
doesnt full english breakfast look like vomit regardless of pizza form or not?
true true<br>a true english breakfast is bacon, egg, chips, sausage
not really mate a full english breakfast includes in my opinion AT LEAST, sausage, eggs, bacon, baked beans, tomato, mushrooms, black pudding, fried bread, hashbrowns, and fried potatos (not chips) toast, orange juice, and a good cuppa tea :D<br>What you have desgribe is more of a scottish breakfast!
It doesn't matter... Its food !
Mmmmmm yumm
Chips have no place in a full English.
Obviously American,<br> those aren't sausages, they're frankfurters, for a true english breakfast you need sausages which contain ears and nose and a substantial quantity of bran. As for chips nobody eats chips for breakfast! The other missing ingrediant from a true english breakfast is black pudding (you might know it as blood sausage). Other than that a good instrucable, well done.
Nope.. not obviously American. Hailing from Scotland I do know that those are technically not proper sausages.. unfortunately now that I live in Norway I can't get any 'proper' sausages.. all of them are hot dog type sausages here! :)
&quot;Hailing from Scotland&quot;. . .<br> <br> Me, too.<br> <br> Traditionally, Scottish inventors have been pioneers in Thermodynamics (because it's a cold and draughty country).<br> <br> Looks like contemporary Scottish inventors are out to defend our #1 position in the Heart Disease league.<br> <br> Still, <strong>I'd eat it&nbsp; </strong>;=)<br> <br> Add Square Slice Sausage and it's be a Full Scottish Breakfast Pizza !<br>
And also I have had lots of Full English Breakfasts in England and Scotland that have had fried potatoes instead of hash browns, plus I thought fried potatoes would go a little better on a pizza than hash browns :)
I agree with piks, potatoes rarely if ever feature in an English breakfast. Tattie scones north of the border, yes.<br><br>I would drop the beans and add black pudding. There's an excellent cafe in Cowley Road, Oxford that has had a breakfast pizza on the menu for 15 years or more. Highly recommended.
To perfect, just add black puddin
My girlfriend made me a full english breakfast pizza and it was full of win.
I'm going to have to try this - it seems like a very efficient way to get more win on your plate. :-)
I wish my wife would be doing this kind of food!
What's stopping you from making it for your wife?? :P
I dont know what a rasher of bacon is, but it sounds good.
A rasher is just one strip of bacon, I believe.

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