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Introduction: Full Metal Sofa

Hi There,

so this is an little more complex project,
I was looking for an new sofa but i couldnt find anything i like, and i´ve never seen an sofa completly made of Metal.
so I got the idea to DIY an FULL METAL sofa and thought it couldnt be that hard to do, some profile tubes, a little sheetmetal, welding...done.

It costs me a week,

butyou can do betterandavoidsomeoftheerrorsthatI made.
It is not an complete step by step Instructable, i lost some of the pics of cutting the tubes, but i think its comprehensable.

At first i had to say this needs some skills in Metalworking and welding.

-Mesure up:  Make a Sketch, think about which place the sofa should stand.
                        Think about the dimensions of the sofa, the angle to the back, the seating hight and depht.
                        this costs me most of the time, i changed often (as you can see in my sketch)
                        Make a material list.

-Material:      For the tubing i choose 40x20millimeter square tube, wich is strong and cheap.
                       The sheetmetal is 1,5millimeter stainless steel.

-Cutting:        Use your material list and sketch and cut the tubes you need.
                        usefull is an electric chop saw, it´s easy, exact cutting and you will get an 90° angle without hone down.
                        check the parts and measures with your list and sketch.

 -welding:      ( Sorry not so much pic´s)
                        you will need an stable, big enough and fireproof working table, on wich you can fix the parts and tubes with                                         some visegrips or simmilar tools, for the tube to tube welding i use some magnetic angles to fix it in right position.
                        I used an standard MAG 250 Amp. 1 millimeter wire, welding machine wich i narmaly use for car repairs it got´s    
                        enogh power for that tubes.
                        At first do only a little tackweld on every corner, now you can che again the angles and measures before welding it
                        Be careful, welding can be dangerous.

-Grinding:      first i grind down the welds roughly with an flex.
                        than i use an oscilating sander with an 180 abrasive.
                        nearly all of the welds are in the visible area so you need to do an good surface.

   -Finish:        so i gave the whole frame to the sandblasting and it gets an clear powder coating wich brings these nice
                        antracite effect.

-Paneling:      The seat is an piece of stainless steel 1,5millimeters, i gave it to bending cause i´ve got not the right tools to do that
                         same with the backrest.
                         note: you have to measure up really exact the frame before doing the sheet metal, maybe the frame got´s an little
                         delay after welding.

assembling:  i riveted the sheet metal to the frame, thats very easy to do and fast.
                         Drill an hole thrugh the sheet metal and the frame ( in the matching diameter, depending to the  rivets you use)
                         tighten with the riveter.
                         be sure there is no sharp edge on top of the rivets.

 -Cushion:      I didnt really know wich foam to use so i called an foamdealer and ask him wich is best for my project.
                         he send me an relative tight one, thats ok i like it.
                         I cut in six parts for a nice trifucated look.

-upholstery:   The Problem!

hope you like it.



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Hey there,

There's Not much measures in the download, and no 3d Sketch, sorry.
Greatings from Berlin



The Tubes are 40x15x2mm.

Hey ! very good sofa :)

What is the thickness of your tubes?

This is how much this post has inspired me!!!

I made a couch a chair and a coffee table that matches... the coffee table actually pushes up next to the couch so you can lay the futon mattress down flat and have a bed.

Thank you very much for the inspiration!!!!


also... do note... that the chair doesnt have much for cusion on it yet... cuase this instructable didnt go into detail on that... hahahahahahaha but i have figured something out... will send pics of you are curious how to make a cusion when i am done... might make an instructable on it.

wow nice job on the sofa and besides this is so much easier to make then having to buy one and thanks falkenberg

Ótimo trabalho. Parabéns.

Good job!! Now we just need a full metal.... Jacket!!!

Sorry for the terrible pun.