Step 12: GLaDOS's Personality Cores

Or the "Aperture Science thing-we-don't-know-what-it-does"

Before we start on this last last part, I want to just say that before I began this project  I knew in order for this build to work, the Personality Cores had to look as awesome as they did in the game.  Unfortunately, as amazing as billybob884's Glados model is, it was really designed to be an 8 inch figure, so the personality cores were a bit more simplified  and didn't have the accurate handle parts like it did in the game.  Luckily, after scrounging up some finds online, I was able to find a perfect Papercraft representation of each of the Cores, so I designed my GLaDOS build all around them.

Now, for this final papercraft, the cores are thankfully really straightforward but be prepared to spend some time on each.  In essence, you are constructing a ball by taking long strips of paper and wrapping them around each other in order to form the sphere.  The last page of the PDF file is the handled parts, which are built by using small individual cubes glued together to colored pipes.  

The only difficult step of this build, possibly, is being able to cut out the individual sections on the third strip, so that the pipes can fit through the ball.  I used an Xacto knife, and it wasn't too hard.

Finally, because I wanted each of the cores to be detachable, I added small strips of velcro to the backing of each one.  

Oh and last step.  In order to truly make GLaDOS look like she's fully robotic, I added some hanging black yarn to make it look like wires.  You can also visit my E-Z Kirby Epic Yarn Instructable for a guide on how to wrap thick yarn together.

And that's how to make a Full Scale GLaDOS Papercraft Replica!  I hope you enjoyed this, and while I did lose several hours of sleep putting it together, I think the end product is totally worth it!  Anyway, got experiments to run and research to be done, so I hope you all enjoy the rest of Video Game Month!  And stay tuned, if I'm lucky I might be able to post my coolest video game 'ible next week!

GLaDOS Addendum: Don't mind me, I'm just about to warm up the neurotoxin emitters and then flood this dorm room with the deadly neurotoxins.  See you in the conclusion.
smichael104 years ago
Hey SHIFT! thanks sooooo much! I don't have a 3D printer. Plus no, I did not come come here from 4Chan /po forum. I was just searching for "how to build portal personality cores."
smichael104 years ago
Hey SHIFT! I got 1 question before I print the personality cores. Do you need a 3D printer for the cores to look like the pics?
SHIFT! (author)  smichael104 years ago
Um, no, it's a papercraft. You make the 3D models from the 2D print outs.

BTW, did you happen to come here from the 4Chan /po forum?
smichael104 years ago
Hey SHIFT! is there a link to only get those good-looking cores? Because I just want to make the cores. Plz reply!
SHIFT! (author)  smichael104 years ago
Sure thing! This linke (http://www.instructables.com/files/orig/FEQ/KD43/GLL4YE8B/FEQKD43GLL4YE8B.rar) is on Step 3!
Dude you are awesome!
ellis11424 years ago
is it possible you can send me the pep files for the cores? im doing the exact same thing your doing but my glados is goung to talk and light up. so i need thos good looking cores. thanks.
SHIFT! (author)  ellis11424 years ago
Yep! Just follow the link in Step 3 for Material and Parts for the downloadable cores.