Step 3: Parts and Materials

OK so before we begin, I must warn you that this papercraft is HUGE, and that's not metrying to be boastful or anything.  It took a total of 233 pages to build her, and that's not even counting the personality cores (5 pages each, so 253 total).  Be prepared to end up going through at least one color or black ink cartridge for this build.  Also, my Papercraft building tip 101 here, I always use Elmer's Glue All when putting together any paper model.  I know some people use Pritt gluesticks or Resin but I always liked using Elmer's since it is just as strong and durable and it's drying speed is moderate enough so I can make any final adjustments if necessary.

- Pepakura (Don't have it?  Then go download it here. Like right now.)
- Elmer's Glue-All (Or for that matter, your preferred Papercraft adhesive)
- Straight Edge/ Ruler
- At least 6 Glue Sticks (I'm partial to UHU and Permanent Glue Stic by Avery)
- Comfortable Scissors (the lighter the better, the sharper the safer- should be able to glide against the paper when cutting).
- At least 255 pages Recycled Card Stock (I wanted GLaDOS not only to look great, but also be environmentally friendly).
- Color Ink Cartridge/ Black Ink Cartridge
- Hot Glue Gun
- Xacto Cutting Knife

- Black yarn (For Final Step)
-Clear Packaging Tape

and finally, the original GLaDOS papercraft model + personality cores.  I saved you the trouble of putting all of the pdf files compressed on a .rar, but the GLaDOS .pdo model was unfortunately too large and will still be needed to be downloaded through Billybob's deviantart

GLaDOS' Addendum: No one will blame you for giving up. In fact, quitting at this point is a perfectly reasonable response.
mikitakas4 years ago
GLaDOS Addendum=WIN!
You just made a WIN comment. You become an internet noob.
Where is the download for the different cores? I've just spent ages resizing and rescaling the ones on the original .pdo model Dx
The original cores for this model were different. i can give them to you if you wish.

please! please do that!!!

Hey could you post more images of the mini GLaDOS like on the sideway, front, it would make everything easy. Just like what you did with the cores. Its more of a guide. So please make it!

Which pepakura?
SHIFT! (author)  NataLatte1234 years ago
The one that's on the site.