"You can call it the zero-point energy field manipulator if you reallywant to.-Alyx Vance, Black Mesa

Happy video game awareness month. I'm celebrating March by showing my nerdiness, my prop-making skills, and my dedication for one of my favorite games of all time . I decided to honor Valve's Half Life 2 by replicating the most infamous weapon in the game (and probably of all time):

The Zero Point Energy Field Manipulator .............Otherwise known as- "The Gravity gun" .

Here's a quick demonstration of the implications of the weapon in combat in the second episode of Half Life 2-

Warning: Video contains graphic violence, blood, and gore. Content may not be appropriate for all ages.

The Gravity gun is one of the most iconic weapons in one of the most iconic games in the last decade of video game history. It's debut set the bar high for any physics weapon yet to come. The weapon may not the best choice for blasting your typical final boss, but it can use essentially any object as it's ammunition, which is pretty awesome, not to mention original to say the least. The weapon can attract objects closer to the player, pick them up, set them back down, or launch them at your enemies. It's also handy to draw health and ammunition close to the player from inaccessible places. The gun is powered from what seems to be a xen crystal in a vacuum chamber giving the device it's unique gravity-bending properties.

Since I didn't paper model this, it has geometrical imperfections and isn't exactly perfect in shape. But it still lights up and looks pretty sweet. The gun is divided into three main parts: The power reactor at the rear of the gun with the handles, the quantum vacuum chamber with its glowing tube-like shape in the middle, and the emitter on the front of the gun with the claws.

I got my idea for this when I saw a replica of the portal gun from Valve's Portal (https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-make-a-Portal-Gun/ ). So I built my rendition of it's predecessor, the Gravity gun. Personally, I think the likeness of the weapon was captured just fine and it looks great in the dark. Let's go!

Step 1: Gather Parts

You'ge going to need some stuff to make this. Here's a list of the items and tools I needed:


-Hot glue gun & glue
-Heat gun for heat shrink tubing and softening plastic
-Soldering equipment (iron, solder, resin, sponge)
-X-acto knives , Box cutters , scissors , paper guillotine
-Breadboard for testing circuitry
-Paint brushes (those little ones from art class)
-A rough rag for distressing (other cloths or towelettes may work also)


-Foamcore board
-Plastic jars/lids
-LED's to light your gun
-Resistors to keep your LED's from burning out
-Battery holder
-Wood filler (Lots)
-Spray paint:
   -Colors: Most likely black, gray, and brown/sienna
   -Metallics: Silver and Copper

*Sets this by window and hopes the magically Gaben fairies answer my wishes*
<p>*punches it off window sill* *gaben troll face*</p>
My ABSOLUTE FAVORITE instructable!!!!
This looks cool. Display next to a portal gun!
Cool! I'm trying to make one that actually has a working claw. It is based loosly off my paper claw instructable, but it has a few changes so the rubber band doesnt mess up the look of it, I created plans for it today, a few sketches during class, and I will try out if it works or not.
I made it! Well a prototype but it could easily be made into a gravity gun, or &quot;grabity&quot; gun :)
Did you already post it somewhere? Love to see you grabity gun
Nice Instructable, I might do this. <br> <br>BTW, who here has seen Volpins Gravity Gun 0_o
I voted. :) VOTE FOR ME TOO!<br><br>https://www.instructables.com/id/The-Arwing-Bicycle/
I did. Very nice, by the way. Best of luck!
Patiently waiting for Episode 3...
Who really has a clue what they're doing when doing a project? Whenever I plan a project it generally gets all messed up cause one mistake sets off a huge chain of FAIL. That's why it's best to plan simple and pretty much wing it; or you could make a prototype and then the actual thing (but it takes time...) so that you can see what the materials do in real life. (Ex. weight, balance, look, paint, etc.)<br><br>I WUV CARBOARD TOO!!!!! :D
my CLAW! :I

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