Picture of Full Sized Keyboard in a Notebook (3 Ring Binder not a laptop)
This is a proof of concept...trying to make a fullsizebendable keyboard that students could carry around to classes out of a rigid desktop keyboard. This could be built in about an hour.

Step 1: Materials

1. Old Keyboard
2. Philips Head Screw Driver(small)
3. Notebook
4. Tape(of the Electrical Variety)
5. Scissors(for cutting Tape)
6. A sharp knife
7. A Ruler
8. Hole Punch
srilyk5 years ago
 Do you have any pictures of the finished product?
Pumpkin Pie9 years ago
Great idea. If you want something similar without all the pulling apart and mapping, take one of these:
and do it up!
Toshibi (author)  Pumpkin Pie9 years ago
Yeah, I'm well aware of these. Thanks though.
billz2609 years ago
I really love this idea! I'm going to be doing alot of traveling soon and I'm looking for something like this for when I start. Keep it up!!!
Toshibi (author) 9 years ago
I'm sorry for all the confusion.
Toshibi (author)  Toshibi9 years ago
Part of the problem, I had already started building it before I decided to turn it into an instructable so I really didn't have the pics I wanted. Another issue, is like I said, it was a proof of concept. I built it, plugged it into my linux box, with no keys and fumbled around with it until i got a feel and tested it. It works, but it was really more of a proof of concept. I immediately discovered that even a tiny laptop keyboard is easier to use than this is....that and the keys didn't line up well....because the covers of the notebook were just a touch too thin(less than a centimeter). Once again...sorry for the confusion.
RAM9 years ago
I agree with Tiuk. It would have been better if you had mentioned that you are trying to make a foldable keyboard out of a conventional "rigid" keyboard. Good work though! It took a HUGE while for me to figure out what this project is!
Toshibi (author) 9 years ago
Sorry, I live in the US, south east to be more precise. We have a funny way of saying things, but you're right, it is a binder, it's just that we all call them notebooks.
tiuk9 years ago
A picture of the inside of the finished binder might be a good idea.
tiuk9 years ago
It took me an embarrassing amount of time to figure out what exactly was going on here. In Canada we refer to notebooks as the things with cardboard covers that are sold with paper already in them (ie. spiral notebook, or ones with glued spines). What you refer to as a notebook I know only as a binder (three ring binder). Maybe I'm just dense, but I thought I'd post this to clear up confusion for anyone else. Great idea, by the way, I think I'll try it!