Introduction: Full Auto Bb Gun

A full auto bb gun my dad made out of store bought hardware stuff nothing else. The question is: can you do it? Go ahead and give it a try!

Hint: There's more than meets the eye!



mr. clean (author)2010-07-16

hey whats up i just thought id post the finished product it still shoots like crazy and hard too at 155 psi

I3uckwheat (author)mr. clean2010-07-19

Wow just amazing... you should make a video of it shooting! btw where do you live if you live close maybe we could meet!

3219caleb (author)2017-09-13

Interesting. Full auto's are easy though. I'd like to challenge you to develope a reliable semi auto that can fire as fast as you can pull the trigger. I've built several semi autos and there are much harder than an auto.

What do you say?

I3uckwheat (author)3219caleb2017-09-21

I realize they are harder! I don't have the tools to do this anymore, but i'll relay it to my dad who does!

3219caleb (author)I3uckwheat2017-09-21

Great! I look forward to hearing your results.

I'm part of the RC Warship Combat community and we build single shot bb guns that fire with Co2 for our boats.

Foxtrot70 (author)2015-09-24

What is the shooting range?

Big Baneser (author)2014-02-12

I'm guessing the metal pipes connecting in between the nozzle thingy a nod the piping is to balance the airflow.

trekman (author)2013-06-30

What causes the air to divide so some goes to push the BBs through the tubing and the rest down the barrel? Why doesn't the air go into the coil from both places where it tees to the barrel? What makes the air stream split through the coil and push BBs around and into the air stream to be forced out the barrel? Do the BBs enter the barrel at the tee close to the blow gun or at the tee closer to the barrel tip? Is a check valve used somewhere? If so Where?
Great design! Need a close up picture of the fittings connecter together. Can't see enough detail from the video. Will you post one close up picture, would really help!


worldburrito45 (author)2011-08-22

what is the easiest way to load this gun

If you look close you will see a pipe plug by the handle of the gun. That is where you load the bbs. you can see it if you stop at around 53 seconds its the piece in the wood, with the pipe plug removed. (the wood is to just hold it in place) you just drop the bbs down that.

thanks i really want to build a full auto bb gun and cant decide between making one similar to this or one with a vortex block any recomendations?

also a vortex block doesn't work well with steel bbs if your doing airsoft bbs that's the way to go.

this design is much harder to build and tune to make work, if you are make it with Mr. clean's design. it is much easier. but the advantages to this design is the fire rate and power are consistent and adjustable, with a vortex block it varies too much to be consistent.

carfur (author)2011-06-11

Can you please tell me in what kind of shop can i find hydro-formed copper tubing?Or what is the general purpose of it?Because i couldn't find that part.And btw I accept your challenge :)

I3uckwheat (author)carfur2011-06-14

Its just regular copper tubing to hydro form it just fill it with water and plug both ends with something that wont come off under pressure, then bend it around a piece of PVC pipe the diameter you want it to be. then drain the water out and presto! you do that so it doesn't kink when you try to bend it.

carfur (author)I3uckwheat2011-06-15

I hope i can find it.btw it is the same diameter of a bb?Or is it larger like 7-8 mm?

I3uckwheat (author)2010-04-26

That tubing was a good idea with the quick connects. We had no quick disconnects at the store but my dad uses them at work and it would have saved a lot of time. The valve you put on was a really good idea. We used a restrictor and had to play with it to get it right. Congrats on the good thinking on the design! On the loader we used copper tubing and there are magnets on each tube that when the slide is pulled the magnets release the end tube first and hold the others in place (the whole slide is full of magnets) then you keep pulling and emptying each tube at a time. You could also use one long tube. The V block is made out of wood so you can shake the bbs into place. If the loader is half as good as your gun it would be the best we have seen. Good Job! On the barrel we used 1/4 inch brake line at any car part store. (if the plastic would ware out or kink. That brake line is flared at the ends for better airflow and bb entrance. Good luck and let me know!

mr. clean (author)I3uckwheat2010-04-26

a little while after my last post i added one more valve between the loading end of the magazine tube and the quick connector to control the feed of the mag it seems to work great and that was also one problem i experienced too was that the air would take the path of lest resistance and the bbs wouldn't feed so i added that valve so i could control the flow and get more air to enter the mag but theres no need to even close it at all it added the perfect amount of resistance. but if u have any more brake line left try making the barrel longer u wont believe what a difference it makes in the bbs power but it may slow the rate of fire right now my barrel is around 4 feet and even at 40 psi it embeds bbs into a 2x4. when i finish it ill post pics :)

ebrun (author)mr. clean2011-05-14

Can you make a tutorial on how to make a gun like that? I REALLY want to make one :D And the gun that you made looks pretty cool :D

metalmanpa (author)2011-03-18

Its VERY simple use a portable tire refill tank that holds 175psi and fits in a backpack

mr. clean (author)metalmanpa2011-03-19

ive tried that, it works but those tanks are far too big to carry around like that. whats needed is a co2 power tank but they run a round 600 dollars

Ex - plode (author)2011-01-22

I was thinking of combining your design with the vortec block thing. But I need help on how to design it. What I wanted to do was make a portable airsoft version so should I make it compressed air or CO2. Also what amount of psi should be safe for airsoft?

awz123 (author)2010-12-02

Nice gun, I was going to make one of these but I decided to make one with a vortex block. The ones with Vortex blocks are a little easier to load and shoot just as well.

I3uckwheat (author)awz1232010-12-03

My dad and i made a air soft version with a vortex block but it is gone now so i can put any pictures up.

woodstockbirdy (author)2010-11-03

what is the company of the trigger thing

mr. clean (author)2010-07-22

do u still shoot ur bb gun very often

I3uckwheat (author)mr. clean2010-07-27

not really. my dad wont let me touch it unless he is right there...

I3uckwheat (author)2010-07-27

Ya i know that but i have seen you around for a while now and i figured you were a nice guy. plus if you tried to break into my house you would probably get a full blast of goose load into your face. just sayin.

I3uckwheat (author)2010-07-20

i actually live in South Dakota.

chubzee (author)2010-07-15

i'd like to see a portable version of this, maybe using co2 or something...

I3uckwheat (author)chubzee2010-07-16

We thought of using it with scuba tanks but fill them with air. would be more portable than this without using a different gun! But wouldn't last long...

airsofter1 (author)2010-06-20

What diameter copper tubing did you use?

jr.tuckluck13 (author)2010-05-16

 I think you wont post it because it is not yours. Anyway, it attaches to an air compressor. When the compressor is fired, the air flows through the "hopper" and pushes out the bb's through the barrel. It's very high pressure as the diameter of the pipes is very narrow. If it is your design, I applaud you. Very well made and a good idea.

I3uckwheat (author)jr.tuckluck132010-05-17

Actually me and my dad collaborated in making this so it is kind of both of our designs.

jr.tuckluck13 (author)I3uckwheat2010-06-16

I really can't believe that if you wont post a tutorial

I3uckwheat (author)jr.tuckluck132010-06-17

Well you can believe what you want to believe. if you want me to post a video of my dad saying he doesn't want directions posted I will otherwise, good bye sir.

PJPEEJ (author)2010-04-12

 yeah, post an ible on it. PLEASE

I3uckwheat (author)PJPEEJ2010-04-13

I will not post an Instructable on this only because it took my dad and i weeks to figure it out but i might in the future. (and partly i don't have the parts list anymore) you try to make it and see what you get!.

please post an ible on it!!  y cant u

Well my dad said i cant. and to give you a challenge to make one!

PJPEEJ (author)I3uckwheat2010-05-12

 wow. this is annoying

I3uckwheat (author)PJPEEJ2010-05-16

Well than just leave this instructable and figure it out on your own. If you can't respect my (and my dads) opinion you can just leave or i will delete your comments. ;)

I3uckwheat (author)2010-04-26

p.s. A bigger diameter blow gun and air hose going to the gun will greatly increase fire rate. We tried that style of air gun with marginal results. Our barrel is drilled out so the bbs to feed directly into it. Please send a video if you can! If you have trouble with the bbs falling out of your tube if its upside down put a small magnet right before it goes into the barrel, it will hold the bbs in place (like the loader) at various angles until you pull the trigger. If you have any questions on the loader we will send a picture.

mr. clean (author)2010-04-23

if its not too much trouble would u mind posting a bunch of pictures of it from all angles but for the most part it doesn't look that complicated.

I3uckwheat (author)mr. clean2010-04-24

There is alot more than meets the eye on this ill post a video that shows all of the angles. But not the insides where its all at. you try to build it.

mr. clean (author)I3uckwheat2010-04-24

well ok if u wont post pics on the inside of the gun then how bout u show us how to make the loader or explain how it works. and i like that u just remove a plug to put bbs in instead of taking the tube off every time.

I3uckwheat (author)mr. clean2010-04-25

the loader is very simple and i will post how to build it basically its just a series of tubes with a magnet to hold the BBs.

mr. clean (author)I3uckwheat2010-04-25

ahh ok thats what i thought i hope to see pictures soon! also about what fps do u think it is with around 120 psi?

I3uckwheat (author)mr. clean2010-04-26

im not shore but you can barely see the BBs when you look down the barrel (like looking down sights) i would have to say about 500-700 fps.

cdawg452 (author)2010-04-18

that is amazing dude. I want to make one so bad. Make an instuctable on how to make one PLZ

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