Ok so after breaking apart my uzi and putting it back together I have made my first instructable! :D I hope you all like this concept of a knex gun. Credits to Louis XIV for the mech idea

Green rods- 22
Orange connectors- 7
Dark grey connectors- 4
White rods- 21
Yellow connectors-15
Blue star connectors- 4
Red rods- 1
Red connectors- 10
Blue rods- 10
Blue spacers- 2

(This piece count does NOT include pieces for the stock or ammo, please tell me if I have miscounted. Also if you have any questions on how to build it feel free to ask)

Step 1: Handle/Mag

Ok, so this step is the hardest and its not even that hard sorry for the blurry/bright pictures. Mag can hold 10 bullets, but you could mod it to make the size bigger

Step 2: Frame/Stock

For this step the stock and bolt are optional, there are 2 stocks i have for this gun.

Step 3: Rubber Bandz!

Step 4: Loading/Firing

To load you slide the bullets into the top of the mag. To fire you push on the mag pusher to make the bullets fly out of the gun, you can full auto fire by putting several bullets in the mag and firing them in succession. (The trigger is there to make it look better, not for firing. Sorry)
<p>Nice Full auto SMG, low cost, nice range</p>
<p>Tested this in a war, got 6 tags and then got tagged while relosding</p>
<p>don't have the right pieces for the bullets, any suggestions?</p>
<p>little blue shiny caps with green rods</p>
<p>VERY good but there are some cons,</p><p>lets out all the bullets out at once and is low accuracy</p><p>but is still good for a knex gun with a mag</p>
Best full auto gun I've built. I still have a couple problems but it's working grandly.
I'm stuck on pic 10. Better picture please. Awesome gun by the way.
I have an improved one of these, would any one like to see it?
Here you go: https://www.instructables.com/id/Uzi-Pistol/
red the link doesn't work <br>
That would be because my old UZI Pistol was really, really bad. XD
ya sucks<br>
kinda sucks, the pieces go out the top and not the end<br>
yea...........whats with the half frame or is it realy that small??????
his is small, a real uzi is about 40 centimetre long
do you take off the cog???????? because its not there on rubber bands
or is that the clip
imgoing to adifferent gun<br>
ithink the gun stinks because its clip is getting jamed and it doesnt even shoot<br>
how do you lok the darn ammo in
and it looks like you only posted some of the frame<br>
you got pic 3 wrong!!!!
if you want spray fire then pull the top up
I'm still confused as to why this concept hasn't been better built upon...It is probably the best semi/full auto mech out there but this is the first gun made with it (other than the original). I'm going to have to fix that...
I think Oblivitus made some guns with that mech, not sure though.
Yeah i built one over the last few days. I'll post a forum in a little while.
I think oblivitus might have used this but he used his as a shotgun mech and to do that you pull back on the top of the mech (On my gun the bolt) and it will burst fire the ammo
Haha have fun :)
I swear an UZI was done before with this mech.
lol 1500 pieces 30 bucks ebay.
i was actually watching that knex lot already :O
lol. i when i was a little kid, i begged my mom to let me buy a lot like that, but she wouldnt le tme, cause i already had a LOT of knex.
I won now I gotta wait for my knex to get here <br>
i built, really simple and cool mech dude
thanks :D
your welcome :)
A good idea would be, make a really good mag pusher, add alot of rubberbands, and, make the trigger block the pusher, and when you pull the trigger, it lets the strong pusher go making it shoot automaticly, nice try though
Yea I might try to make a v2 later once i get more knex
order on ebay, really cheap, and look for top sellers
Ok I'll try that cause I was gonna buy off off the knex webisite
knex is out of most of the pieces right now, it sucks
no prob

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