Full Auto Ugly Knex Pistol Shotgun





Introduction: Full Auto Ugly Knex Pistol Shotgun

Well, it's ugly, full auto compact, has a extremely high fire rate  and is kinda awesome. As I dont have this in one piece right now I shall say that my gun works like a compact version of this x3 =)
makes a mess =P
good range for the mech style, around 25 ft max
removable mag

low range, only 25 ft
makes a mess
heavy trigger pull



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    So far good, messing with the mechanism while I try to fix my computers glitch.

    I can't wait to see v2!

    This gun is awesome I would love to build it but I have no clue how the gun works could you please post some pictures of the insides?

    I want to post pics but apparently my computer doesn't feel like cooperating with the pic uploader. I have a version 2 that has a adjustable stocke and a few other small changes. I will keep trying to get my computer to work :)

    So what happened to this?

    Well, I still know how to build it and have a few ideas to make it better. I've had tons of events happening this winter and have had no time to build with my knex. I'm hoping I'll have some time to rebuild this, make a video and post instructions sometime soonish.

    Okay that's fine. I understand that life can get busy, I'll be interested to see what you come up with when you get it put together.

    So far I'm trying to come up with ways to make the design stronger, the handle was changed so it is slightly stronger and is more comfy :)