Picture of Full face prosthetic mask - Part 2 applying mask and colouring
Hi all,

The purpose of this instructable is to give you an insight into how to colour and accessorise a basic one piece full face latex mask.

There are many different techniques to colour masks and prosthetics using a large variety of flexible paint and airbrushing, however they can often be very expensive and hard to obtain therefore I have tried and tested lots of different types of flexible paint that will cover your latex mask well and hope this Instructable gives you an insight into a simple,cheap and effective lightweight full face mask that can be re-used and painted.

See my prosthetic ears Instructable to see the flexible paint mix...

This mask is a reasonably low cost application as you can re-use most of the materials and indeed the mask if you are careful upon removal.

The entire cost of the mask completed was approximately 4 Euros (when you have your initial resources already).

As you are using latex you must check that you are not allergic to rubber latex as you will be using it extensively around the edges of the mask and around the eyes, mouth and cheeks still do all the usual tests with the materials to check for allergies prior to application as you can see in the next step.

The whole process to apply and colour the mask takes about 2 hours not including the initial set-up and clear up processes.

Hope you find it useful and enjoy yourselves trying it out.

To see a full time-lapse of the application process then check out the video below...

Time-lapse of entire colour and application

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