Picture of Full face prosthetic mask - Part 1 Sculpting, mould and casting

Hi all,

The purpose of this instructable is to give you an insight into how to sculpt and cast a basic one piece full face latex mask.

There are many different techniques to make masks and prosthetics using two half casts, injection, paper mache and so on and so on, however, this Instructable gives you an insight into a simple,cheap and effective lightweight full face mask that can be re-used.

This mask is a reasonably low cost application as you can re-use most of the materials.

The entire cost was approximately 2 Euros (when you have your initial resources already).

As you are using latex you must check that you are not allergic to rubber latex as you will be using it extensively around the edges of the mask and around the eyes, mouth and cheeks still do all the usual tests with the materials to check for allergies prior to application as you can see in the next step.

The whole process takes about an 10 hours not including the initial set-up and clear up processes, as you have to design, sculpt, refine the sculpt, cast the clay and then make the latex mask.

Hope you find it useful and enjoy yourselves trying it out.

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Hi all,

Hope you enjoy this Instructable.....it took ages to put together. I have entered it into the Makerlympics contest ... http://www.instructables.com/contest/makerlympics2...

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Hi! Thanks for taking time out to make this tutorial, I can't wait to try it! I was wondering, the link for the gelatin seems to not be working. Could you send me the link so I can check it out?

Some Sclera contacts would look good with this one.
The Animator (author)  KemikalzAreFun1 year ago

Agree mate there a bit pricey though ;)

jhodges151 year ago
This looks like the lead singet from GWAR lol
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firobug1 year ago
think I could get a list of things I would need and their prices and where to get them just like a simple shopping list instead of going through link after link
The Animator (author)  firobug1 year ago

Hi firobug,

Here are the links to the main websites however you will have to put in you location to see the local supplier then it will tell you the costs for products and post and package...there is always ebay too

With regards to the gelatine mix you can see all the products in my other instructables and they are all available in local supermarkets

Kryolan liquid latex (I get most of my make-up from Kryolan, have a look at the site for inspiration http://global.kryolan.com they will tell you where your local supplier is its around £15.00 a litre.

Mixing jugs

Setting powder (or Talcum powder this can be a little to course sometimes but good for practising)

Paint brush/make-up brush with soft bristles

Scissors (for triming prosthetic)

Hairdryer (for drying latex)

Plasteline clay (or equivalent) http://www.chavant.com/new_site/index.html

Plaster of Paris base face/Dummy head/Polystyrene head (chose your base that suits you)

Plaster bandages (Optional)

Metalic paints (or metalic sprays)

Polymer super Sculpty clay http://www.sculpey.com/products/clays/super-sculpe...

Sculpting and refining tools

Hop this helps a bit... Steve

Thank you so much ^_^ I will make sure to make one…it's really easy, cheap, and fun. :D
The Animator (author)  Abdullah Balack1 year ago

Cool ...!

This awesome man…nice work
The Animator (author)  Abdullah Balack1 year ago

Thanks Abdullah Balack give it a try with a small piece first like a wound or bullet whole then move onto the half face then the face. Using the gelatine as a mould means you can re-use it countless times keeping the cost down...please post anything you might try ;)

boeietoch1 year ago

Thats some nice sculpting!
I used same techniques for a mask i made for new years eve, only from silicon and the mold was made from plaster(was a little bit more difficult to pull it off) but i can make multiple casts with it and it doesn't degenerate. I covered my positive head cast with layers of silicone and when it was still wet i pasted my mask on it so it became a full head mask instead of an prosthetic. Maybe soon ill make an inscrutable about that with silicone

The Animator (author)  boeietoch1 year ago

Thanks boeietoch...i'd look forward to that instructable as i've not used silicone yet ..thanks for the kind words :)

Nice job man ^_^
To bad you couldn't keep the mouth part covered because of breathing issues though. :/