Picture of Full size StarGate from StarGate SG1
A number of the people I work with in our Charity Sci-Fi group dress as characters from the TV series Stargate. Being a massive StarGate fan it seemed logical to build a StarGate however at the time I was unaware of how big this project was going to be.
Unfortunately I could not make a static Gate otherwise it would have had a moving ring and DHD to go with it. It had to be portable and be able to be transported to different venues in a normal car or van, hanse it was mdd in easily transportable sections. This brought about its own problems. The build was going to be fairly simple being made out of wood and painted up in masonry paint of give a massive solid look.
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Step 1: In the beginning

Picture of In the beginning
The Gate was going to be 3metres in diameter . I cut eighteen curved sections of 6mm MDF which would make up the nine sections of the final ring 3 meter ring. The sections were 40cm wide. The reason I used MDF rather than Ply which would be been far better was it was all free. The main ring shape was drawn out on my drive with chalk, I simply then cut the circle into nine sections, each section would have one fitted chevron. I then made up one template of the hie sections out of card which could then be used to cut the wood.  Then the cutting began. 

Step 2: Sandwich

Picture of Sandwich
Each of the nine sections would be a sandwich unit, two 6mm MDF sections with a three 40cm by 12cm blocks of wood separating them.This effect would give the gate a depth and more  substantial structure but also keeping everything very light. The effect created is a bit like a builders pallet. You can see from the photos it will be easy to transport and looks good when layer out in a ring. Everything is glued and screwed in place to keep the stricture strong but also light. 
szaffarano18 months ago

If you built a ramp to go up to the bottom of the gate, and have it run up to both sides, I imagine you will be able to secure the gate to stand. (Possibly curve the ramp to match the curvature of the bottom of the opening, then fasten the gate to the ramp.) I want to build one out of foam to go with my animatronic Horus Guard helmet that I built, thanks to Honus and Instructables!

dude u need to add EL wire to it to give that glow effect. yes a bit more work butt, oh my it be worth it. or loads more work would be leds set up to scroll. led blocks a bit expensive but way better effect . then u could have them scroll thro the lock. oh yes differently more work there. ok i hope u have it all sealed vs. moisture tho
podpadstudios (author)  astral_mage1 year ago
I am going with Green/aqua LED's of which I have about 600 or so. The Chevrons will light up. I will also create a scrolling double ring of LED's around the inside of the ring. I might also illuminate the Symbols. The LED's will either be Raspberry Pi or Arduino controlled and powered by a 12v battery unit next to the gate. Each section will have a block connector in it to make sure everything is wired up correctly but still be portable.
The Chevrons will eventually move using servos and arduino control

Should put the battery in a DHD

dfisher161 year ago
What are the dimensions of the chevrons
zfrye01 year ago
Even though this is sci-fi this would be better put into props a subsection
podpadstudios (author)  zfrye01 year ago
Missed that sub section, sorry
wubs1 year ago
Pretty cool. Wish I had the tools and time to build this for my nephew.
BogiDewd1 year ago
Measurements or templates of the pieces would be nice...
podpadstudios (author)  BogiDewd1 year ago
Here you go, very simple maths. 3100mm diameter outer ring. Inner ring is 2700mm .Nine sections. each section is 400mm deep Cut at 40degrees. Depth of the sections is 100mm.
LunaEros1 year ago
Pretty Cool.

Now. If there was only some way to project a liquid pool effect into the middle of it! ;)
People probably wouldn't want to walk through it then.
Something like this is a good option -

You can set it to a nice blue colour rather than the cycling colours. I set mine to red and then aim it at the ground to create a "floor is LAVA!!" effect.

Use rear projection material (or the white shower curtain from IKEA works well too) where the iris should be and you can get close to the effect...

The whoosh might be a bit difficult though.
Eh Lie Us!1 year ago
What a teaser! Looks great and rather sturdy.
helllordkb1 year ago
really freaking cool love the show, love that someones doing this. You might consider using EL wire to make the chevrons light up.
AmyCat591 year ago
Great work so far... good luck meeting your deadline!
ddw_az1 year ago
now i have to decide if i want this for the entrance for my work shop, or the Doctor Who Tardis door? or since there will be two doors........ ;>)
both are good ideas for shop doors. i think the STARGATE with blue lighting all around it would be the coolest.
bookmanpc1 year ago
If you make the 'on-ramp to the ring wide enough and fill it with milk jugs full of water that can be transported almost flat it will help.
ausgee1 year ago
some wheels at the bottom for it to roll on and some wheels at the top would probably do the job. the ones on top could be used to steady the wheel. Use some cleverly designed buttresses
grey_starr1 year ago
I've got a 20+ foot gate in its pieces in my garage... my friends used plastic and foam to make it lighter. Getting it to stand is the hardest part. I look forward to seeing yours finished.
peads924701 year ago
OH! I want one! Very nice. I am a huge SG fan. Thanks.
nallan11 year ago
Excellent work! I'm a huge SG fan. As for the stand for it, I suggest using 4x4's and flat boards to make a stand that holds it from the inside at the bast with a small support on the outside. I'll try to sketch up a rough draft... ok, rough draft but here it is. Very rough. I had the SG-1 pedestals in mind for this. Love the project, man!
stargate pedastal quick.JPG
gadget-man1 year ago
I'm such a HUGE Stargate fan, my 11 year old daughter and I just finished watching all three series and the movies this year. Cant wait to see your projected finished.
Good Luck!
id suggest building a small platform that the gate would slot into like they did for the show and movies that way you could build a sturdy frame that could be weighed down but still be hidden
wambs81 year ago
I think maybe the trampoline frame might work Just add a lot of sand bags on top for weight and cover that with some fake grass. In addition I would suggest steel cables two in back and two in front staked to the ground. Just make sure the kids don't climb on it.
wambs8 wambs81 year ago
maybe this is a little too late.....but if you made this out of foam with tongue and groove sections it would have made its significantly lighter. You could still cover the foam with spray paint to make it look like stone.
best off go with plate steel here. base needs to be at a minuim of 2 to 1 ratio max 4 : 1 ratio
podpadstudios (author)  astral_mage1 year ago
I am thinking of creating two upside down T sections. The gate will simple slot onto them.
u alway predrill yr wood. in mated pairs. then bolt them together as u put the faces on.
podpadstudios (author)  astral_mage1 year ago
No, I cut templates out of card then use these to cut each piece of wood. The blocks between each section was just glued and screwed into place, judged by eye. To line up the bolts for each section I cut a wood guide block then drilled through this so each bolt and hole was lined up perfectly.
mehlani1 year ago
budhaztm1 year ago
Now if you could make it functional that would be great. It's still very cool though. Good job!
podpadstudios (author)  budhaztm1 year ago
I wish. We will be placing it in a hall for the opening event with a screen behind it and projection system which will add a bit more realism
raykevinr1 year ago
You could keep your bottom brace but on the back of the gate put two of these then run pipe down to the base and secure it.