Fully Automatic knex Gun !! ( it really works )

Picture of Fully Automatic knex Gun !! ( it really works )
Hey guys
this is my fully automatic knex gun it shoots about 15 feet and it is really fully automatic !!

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Step 1: The trigger

Picture of the trigger
make 2 of this

Step 2: The pushpin

Picture of the pushpin
this is the push pin

1) make what you see
2)add them together with a white rod (metalic)
3) make wath you see
4) add 2 and 3 together

Step 3: The magazine

this is the magazine
( this is not such a good one, so if you can make a better one plz tell me )

1) make what you see
2) add them together with a white connector (black)
3) make what you see
4) make this 2 times
5) make this 2 times
6) add 4
7) add 5

Step 4: Body

Picture of body
1) make this ( left side )
2) make this ( right side )
3) close up from 2
4) make what you see
5) make what you see

Step 5: Inside the body

Picture of inside the body
this is inside the body the next step is outside the body

1) close up
2) add everything together
3) close up of the 'trigger'
4) close up of the pushpin
5) close up of the magazine
6) ...

Step 6: Outside the body

Picture of outside the body
this is the outside of the body

1) make this
2) add it to the body
3) add themotor
4) close up
5) close up
6) add 7 little gears at the bottom

Step 7: Magazine pusher

Picture of magazine pusher
this is not necessary but you can make it if you want

1) make this
2) add yellow rods (gray)

Step 8: The rubber bands

Picture of the rubber bands
add rubber bands like in the picture

Step 9: Extra pictures

Picture of Extra pictures

Step 10: Movie

the firs one fires slow
the second one fires fast
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LvNo10002 years ago
:D I tried this awhile ago. *high five* for perfecting it
JonnyBGood2 years ago
I am making something similar to this but with a different mech... Your clip looks like it works better than any I have built for white rods so, if you don't mind, I'll borrow it.
anres321 (author)  JonnyBGood2 years ago
sure bro, no problem :)
It worked a lot better! I just didn't use the clip pusher thing. I made a hinged lid to it.
make a bigger mag, then make it handheld, then it will be too good and can you make a version without the big wheel and the massive motor. i have the red box connected to the motor ,and the grey ones. so plzzz plzzz make.
anres321 (author)  instructaguy3 years ago
instead of the big wheel you can also use the smaler wheel and a normal wheel 2 times,, the mag is pretty easy to mod, just make a copple of mags and put them on top of each other :p
im gunna use a small wheel and make it a bit smaller, thanks.
anres321 (author)  instructaguy3 years ago
cool, the wheel is used for making the motor slower and much stronger so if you use just one small wheel it will probably not be strong enough. but you can always give it a try, this is just a concept for an automatic firing mechanism so go ahead and make it better !
yeh thanks for the reply i might make and i can make it a bit smaller, thats really inspired me.
thanks man im glad i subscribed your really helpful
BEAST!!!! man!! maybe you could mod it to make the base stabler?
for some reason the magazine wont connect
anres321 (author)  The Cannoneer3 years ago
you have to connect them with the y-connectores, be sure they are all on the right place :p
i tryed that....the y connector on the right(pic 5) goes in but the other doesnt
anres321 (author)  The Cannoneer3 years ago
Sorry man but i really cant see your problem. i could try to solve it if you post a picture...
ygeny3 years ago
sa ne marche pas moi
anres321 (author)  ygeny3 years ago
qu'est ce-qui ne mache pas ?
can you do it without that big gear because i dont have one of them??
anres321 (author)  knexinglemon3 years ago
I'am sorry for reacting so late but I was at vacation and was not able to go on the internet for 2 weeks :p the big gear is used for slowing down the motor and giving it more power,, if you switch the two gears your motor will be a lot faster but have less power :D you can do it with a small gear and an average gear but the motor will probably be to fast and will not have enough power but if you repeat that i think it will work so i mean - small gear -> bigger gear + small gear -> bigger gear
I don't understand the push pin
anres321 (author)  super knex builder3 years ago
the pushpin is just for pushing the bullet out of the gun,, if you dont understand the mechanism you must be more precise
errrr! I cant get all the peices on right!
anres321 (author)  super knex builder4 years ago
which part cant you get on ? look at the pictures first and then try to figer out which part you want to make first,, you dont have to make it in order.
I can't get the magezine on
anres321 (author)  super knex builder4 years ago
look at picture 4, the first picture. at the top of that picture you can see 2 blue connectors. that is where you have to attach your mag,, in step 5, the 5th picture you can see 2 Y-connectors they have to be connected at the blue connectors.
I hope this helps
Switch around the big gear with the small gear for EXTREME speed.
anres321 (author)  Abcwtfidontcare4 years ago
yes sure, I know that !! buy first of al you'll need about 100engines to do that and then he'll still have not enoug time to put in a new bullet :D and all your knex will be destroyed
Knexman154 years ago
is it a catapult? i can not tell
anres321 (author)  Knexman154 years ago
no :D its just a weird looking gun but I didnt spent much time at the design, The system is more inportant to me XD
Very Clever!!!
anres321 (author)  michiel1234567894 years ago
thx !! :)
DJ Radio5 years ago
This looks like one of the knex semi-autos a KI'er made a few years back. You need to give credit for the mag.
WHO CARES!!!!!!!!!!!! ??????????????
i !!!! LOL
Me and Visper made that mag when we where trying to make a mag which would fit a block trigger, and put it on the TR!
Sketch984 years ago
Only 1 problem, doesn't look much like a gun
that isn't a problem, that's a con.
it dosent work
anres321 (author)  knexsniper1234 years ago
why not ? mine does work, I know it doesn't shoot that far but it does shoot
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