Hello everyone. I have been building and tinkering all my life with many different things, however, I have always had a fond interest in gunsmiths. Actual firearms are dangerous and should be treated with the respect they deserve. Only professionals, or those with the specific training and right mindset should be able to design, handle, create, and sell firearms. However there are other forms of recreational shooting that can be done quite safely and practically. AIRSOFT!!!!!!!

Airsoft, although safer, should still be treated with similar respect as a firearm. They can cause harm to yourself and to others if not used properly. Only those who are responsible and have good intentions should be allowed to participate in anything involving airsoft.

I have spent many years researching, designing, building and testing many forms of pneumatic projectiles including airsoft and spudguns. I am no expert, but I do know my way around the block.

with that said....

The following will show my latest creation.
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Step 1: The Pneumatic System

The first thing to understand is that this gun is pneumatically operated with machined valves and high operating pressures. PVC is used on this project, but it is NOT UNDER ANY AIR PRESSURE!!!!!!

All pneumatic fittings and valves used are machined in a factory, are made of brass, steel, aluminum etc, and are rated well above what they are operated at.

This gun works by:
1. charging a main tank to a high pressure, I have used 120psi thus far and have no need to go higher just yet
2. operation of a direction control valve (3 way valve, 2 position) (trigger) empties a small portion on the main tank to a secondary holding unit
3. This secondary tank holds the same pressure as the main tank, however holds less volume, just enough to project the bb
4. A quick exhaust valve is operated,  via the direction control valve, to empty the secondary tank through the barrel

The only modifications done are to make the operation of components easier mechanically and to integrate into the gun.
ilpug10 months ago
Dude.... That looks wicked!