When you solder, you melt tin, lead & flux. Flux is there to help the solder run, or flow, but also burns toxic. Not much, but toxic is still toxic.

This cheap & simple instructable will whisk away the fumes so you can work in a nice, clean environment.

These retail for several hundred dollars here in Australia, so you will save yourself a fortune.

Most of the parts can be salvaged from stuff.

Step 1: Parts & Tools.

You will need:

a plank of wood (anything works. Ply, MDF, whatever you have lying around)
2 fans (you can use more if necessary)
A Switch (I used a fan controller because i was going to make them switch on and off individually, but i
decided against it. i still used it though. Makes it look cool. any SPST will work)
A 10~14 v supply (DC, whatever amps your fans are.)
Heat shrink

Soldering Iron
Wire Cutters
Drill Bits
Flat Blade screwdriver
Phillips Screwdriver
Oh! I now that round fan! It's a Pentium 3 fan, with the square frame cut off. To be exact, model 0925-12LMB.<br /> <br /> <br /> If I were you, I would make the air holes <em>way </em>bigger. Currently, I use a $20, 20cm fan from Costco for soldering.<br />
your 13 too! im in Australia too and find most usa prices shit :-\
do u have to use a heatsink? wat do they llok like? good instructible!
Filters for aquariums are carbon and washable. Might be just the thing for this. I was looking for a vacuum to clean dust from PCs when I open them. I think I will add a small hose to the intake side of this for what I need. Thank you!
So where does the toxic air end up? Where did you position the fans and how did you dump the toxic air to the outside? I need an extractor like this one but would like the extra info, it would help a lot.
It just removes the air from out of my face, and blows it upwards, where it disperses.
Would be better if it had a filter. The particles are still in the air, and will settle on surfaces eventually.
what power supply did you use
an old plugpack I had lying around.
I really hate it when I see people suggest a "go buy it instead" solution, but this has worked SO well that I feel like I have to share. I apologize to everyone in advance. I've tried fans, but they only blow the fumes around the room and ducts to the outside aren't usually practical or convenient. I stumbled upon a much better and reasonably inexpensive off the shelf solution. A HEPA air filter. Flux fumes in, clean air out. My wife can't even tell when I've been soldering anymore. You can get a small desktop unit for less than $50, ( I'm using a Holmes HAP242-UC) The only down side I've found so far is that it doesn't have very good reach. You have to solder within 4 or 5 inches...or use a VERY weak fan to blow the fumes toward the filter.
&quot;<strong>I really hate it when I see people suggest a &quot;go buy it instead&quot; solution</strong><br/><br/>I know. Those HEPA filters aren't avavilable here in Australia. And the price sounds a bit out of reach for a 13-year old like me.<br/>
Hi, I like your idea. I use something similar to this when i'm soldering, but i think this idea can preform better. For example, do not dril tiny vent holes, but just make a hole as big as the fan. Also, you have a chance putting your fingers or soldering iron in the fans, maybe you could place them at the other side of the panel , and if you use bigger holes you could buy a fanguard for example. But the idea itself is great.
Yeah thanks for the comments. It was a quick design and the only reason I didn't use one big vent hole was because I didn't have a fan guard. I originally mounted them on the other side but it didn't suck as well. also, I had all of those parts and I didn't want to go buy a fan guard. next time I will put a carbon filter on. Thanks again for the constructive criticism.
1. Make one big hole instead of those little holes - air flow will be better 2. In stores you can buy filters with "active carbon" - it looks like thin, black sponge - place it behind fans - it will clear the air - smell killer. 3. Make a stand from solid wires, or hang it above your workplace - the smoke usualy goes up :) [possibly I will make an instructable about my solution...]

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