There are a lot of projects like this online and there are many ways to build one.  I knew I wanted it to be portable, reusable and collapsible in a few minutes. I decided to opt for a left and right frame only, no top frame, no cross bar.  Instead, I anchored each side of the left and right frame to the ground with rope and stakes.  Total labor time was 1 hour.

Disclaimer:  It would take me about one hour to build this again.  Actual time to construct this was two weekends after figuring out what to do. 

Here is how I did it.

Step 1: Sketch Your Idea

It took me a day or so to come up with an easy way to make this.  After 3 or 4 ideas, I came up with this in Photoshop.
<br>I think I have the perfect equipment for a similar setup. I have three 1978 Advent Video Beam 1000 one foir parts the other two for use.. It has an 84&quot; diagonal measure screen. The screen is foiol covered and nas a phosphorus coating which when an image is projected upon it it brightens the image. The screen is also slightly concave sound is also projected upon the screen which reflects back to the audiance thus giving the real effect of being in a thearter. The projector looks like a giant Norelco shaver that sits on the floor. Currently I am in the midst of some repairs when working it is something to see even though it is in the NTSC format the colors and clairty are outstanding!
Sounds like you have your hands full with equipment. Hope your repairs go well!
Thanks it is a challenge, fortunately when I started gathering these sets I was also able to acquire a service manual for them which has proved invaluable. Currently it appears I have a problem in the horizontal H/V output stage. I plan to post Instructable and possibly a YouTube video on the set.
Awesome build! Looks like a lot of fun.
Thanks! I just tested it with a projector. I think it will work.
A solid idea. Could be a lot of fun.
Thanks! I hope my guest like it.
Very nice! <br> <br>Did something very similar for many years. Used to have &quot;Backyard Drive-In Double Feature&quot; for the neighborhood. Fifteen years later, kids are still talking about it. <br>
Smart move on inviting the neighbors. I was thinking about doing the same thing. Very nice that you made memories with the kids. I hope I have the same results.

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