Fun Batch File


Introduction: Fun Batch File

This is my first batch file, hope you all enjoy  ; )
This little batch file will pretend that your computer has found a virus. Then go through a series of steps before saying "Windows needs to shutdown" and then closes all programs and logs off  ; )
It does nothing except close your programs, log you off and pop up 2 messages, completely safe  ; )
It also auto picks up your username and inserts it into where the virus has been found!

This can be autorun off a USB aswell with the second file I have uploaded, or you can just write it yourself.



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    Im interested to see what the code is to this and a tut to make it. Can anyone help. Id like to know how he get the lines to pop up automatically and the boxes to pop up automatically. Any help would be great.

    Is it in your "My Documents" Folder?
    Did you put it on your "Desktop"?

    i meant where's the batch file?

    Up the top there, theres a "autorun.bat". Click on that then it asks you to SAVE the file. Just press OK then run the file.

    Click on the file up there. When it says Save File or Open With, click on open with, then browse, then notepad. Then just save it as a batch file.

    unfortunately, my computer does not save the "BAT" part. How do i make it a batch file?

    Save as ".bat" instead of whatever it was.

    but make sure when you save you chose the file format all file types