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Introduction: Fun Birthday Cakes

So I love making my son's Birthday cakes, it always makes him feel more special. They can be time consuming but so worth it when you see the happy Birthday face. Here are some examples of what I have made so far. Hope you enjoy, and maybe you will get some ideas of your own. I have very little experience with fondant so most of mine are made with frosting and basic cake decoration tips. Good luck!

Mario cake- is two 9 x 13 cakes for the base and two round cakes for the top. The mushroom is rice krispie treats that I molded into the mushroom, froze, and then covered with a marshmellow fondant. I bought the Mario figures to go on the cake. I used chocolate and vanilla frosting dyed green to decorate it with. The rectangles I used to look like bricks are chocolates that I dyed and used a diamond mold to make.

Spongebob- is three cakes stacked, I used a bread pan, cut of the tops so they didn't fall, and then stacked them. Then I used vanilla  icing for his shirt and the other parts are dyed to decorate with, and his pants are chocolate icing. The eyelashes are a black licorice stick cut up.

Thomas the train- I stacked and cut the cake to make the shape. The wheels are cupcakes on their sides. I used vanilla icing dyed to decorate with.

Walle- once again I stacked cakes. I used cardboard for the base of the eyes, and then his eyes are rice krispie treats covered with black frosting. The arms are also cardboard, and then I used dyed frosting to decorate with.

The rainbow cake-



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    Ya my son loved him so much he didn't want to eat him. Three days later I told him a big mouse at some, the mouse was me :)

    Hahaha! Yeah, I always wanted to save things when I was younger (still do really), but when it comes to desserts, they just don't last long anymore ;)