Picture of Fun DIY Mop Slippers
Do you hate mopping floors? Do you want to make it fun and easy? Well then, this is the perfect project for you. These shoes are affordable and easy to make. They will spray cleaner while you walk, and scrub the floors while you shuffle your feet.

*Let all hot glue dry inbetween steps*
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Step 1: Gather Materials

Picture of Gather Materials
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Its time to gather your materials. Most of these things are  around the house items.

   Old shoes or slippers
   Plastic Tube
   2 Water bottles with caps
   2 Water bottle caps
   Rags (enough to cover both shoes + extra)
   Small knife
   Duct tape
   Hot glue gun + glue
   Floor cleaner (I use Mrs. Meyers)

Step 2: Modding the Water Bottles

Picture of Modding the Water Bottles
Scott Camera 2011 401.JPG
Scott Camera 2011 402.JPG
In this step we will be creating what will become the sprayer. We wiil reshape, and strengthen the bottle, and attach the tube.

For this step you will need:
   Duct Tape
   Hot Glue Gun + Glue

First reshape the bottle in to more of a rectangle (see pic. 1) Then wrap Duct tape around it so it will hold its shape. Now cut 2 5'' pieces of tube (no need to measure, it is rough, you could go as little as 3''). Next cut a hole in the end of the water bottle that does not have the cap that is a bit bigger than the tube. Insert the tube, and hot glue it in. Now when the cap is on, the only way air should be able to escape is through the tube.

Step 3: Attaching the Bottles

Picture of Attaching the Bottles
Scott Camera 2011 405.JPG
Now we are going to attach our bottles to our shoes.

For this step you need:

   Water Bottles
   Hot Glue Gun + Glue or Duct Tape (I used Duct Tape)

This is a simple step. Simply hot glue or tape the water bottles on to the bottom of the shoes. The cap should face the back. It is very important that the bottom is attached well.