Picture of Fun Easy Duct Tape Flower
Now you can make a beautiful flower in less than ten minutes.  My name is Elijah and I am here to show you how.

Step 1: Duct Tape Rose Video

Video intro

kazmataz3 years ago
A duct tape rose by any other name would look as sweet...

Great Instructable!
bellamia081 month ago
So cool
rocketboy373 years ago
I LOVE your ROSES Eli good job

mr.eli (author)  rocketboy373 years ago
plz vote
GREAT Idea!! I have never seen this before - I think I'll try it with the little kiddos!
mr.eli (author)  hfriedrichsen3 years ago
plz vote
lkitz3 years ago
I'm loving this! I think I could even make one. We have duck tape around at all times, too. Your impressed Aunt Lois.
mikeasaurus3 years ago
Duct tape, is there anything it can't solve?
A bouquet would look amazing. It looks like you have a small bouquet in your video intro, can we see some shots of those?
Carleyy3 years ago
Great project! I voted for you in the Pocket-Sized Challenge! Good Luck!

I can't wait to see what you post next!!