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This is an expansion upon the fun flower fence instructable.


When I was out of town a few months ago, my wife surprised me by building a gate for our picket fence. She told me on the phone that she did this. She is actually a good woodworker, so I was expecting something pretty nice. Surprise! The gate was a pallet that was painted yellow and attached with hinges. It was big and heavy. But, it was a gate, which we needed for our dog (now 2 dogs). I have waited a respectful amount of time and now I am ready to fix the gate.






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Step 1: Materials and tools

Picture of Materials and tools




Exterior screws





Table saw or radial saw  (You can skip this if you are using pallet wood and tying it to another fence)

 Band saw, Scroll saw or jig saw to cut flowers

 Rotary tool or wood carving knife


Paint brush

Step 2: Cut Stems

Picture of Cut Stems
You can use pallet boards without cutting them. Or you can cut the stems from whatever wood you have. The width can be anywhere from 2-4”. Choose the height that you would like for your flowers. Mine range from 3 1/2- 5' tall. On this gate I am varying the heights of the flowers to come to a point at the center



Paint them green, unless you would like some other color stems.

Aiesas1 year ago
Really admire.. After move to our new house last year.. We dont have budget anymore for the gates. This really great idea!! We can Just DIY. Thanks and voted :)
artlife (author)  Aiesas1 year ago
Thank you. This was a really inexpensive option for us, as it could be made with scrap wood and stuff I would pick up off the side of the roads.
good luck.
Luny1 year ago
I LOVE THIS!!!!!! I was given a scroll saw that I think would be perfect to cut out the flowers - not sure as I've never used it.

One suggestion - when you paint the flowers, instead of using a bottle cap to cover the center, use the bottle cap to create a stencil out of wide painter's tape. Simply draw around the cap, then use an Exacto knife to cut out the circle. This way you can use the cut tape to get a clean edge, and use the cut out circle when you paint the petals to cover the dried center. The tape will stay in place much better than the bottle cap.

You have my vote!
artlife (author)  Luny1 year ago
Thanks! A scroll saw would be perfect for this project. Use a coarse blade to make the cuts faster.The tape is a good idea. The bottle cap and for larger flowers jar lids work for me because they fit into the groove that has been carved for the flower center. That way paint doesn't seep around the edge quite so much. Also when it sits in the groove it doesn't slip around very much.