Fun Foam Faces




Introduction: Fun Foam Faces

Looking around my room I see so many of the kids' crafts and realize how simple and fun most of them are. The one I am attaching today we actually did for Halloween. Foam came cut in pre-made shapes with sticky parts on the back. All you need to do is un-peel the sticker covers and stick the shapes where you want. 

The fun part about this kind of foam is you can buy them in sheets and then cut WHATEVER shapes you want. This way there are no limitations. Could mean more options for different projects. 

So, really, there are two parts to this craft:

One, buy pre-made cut shapes and just stick them together. 
Two, buy sheets of foam and cut whatever you want.

About Miscelleana Rhinehart:
Crafts with the kids is what it's all about along with some extra time to write for New Jersey car dealers.



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