Fun Idea on Making a Seed Bead Waterwheel Necklace





Introduction: Fun Idea on Making a Seed Bead Waterwheel Necklace

Today I would like to introduce you a seed bead necklace idea. How to make a lovely waterwheel necklace with multi-colored and –sized seed beads? I will explain you the idea in the following tutorial.

Step 1: Necessities for the Seed Beaded Waterwheel Necklace

4mm inside color glass seed beads

4mm opaque color glass seed beads

6mm natural Mashan jade beads

8mm brass jump rings

Cross chain

Silver jump ring

Eye pins

Lobster claw

Round nose plier

Flat nose plier

Wire cutter


Step 2: Make Seed Bead Waterwheel

1st, slide acrylic seed beads, glass seed beads and jade bead onto eye pin;

2nd, bend down the pin into 90 degrees;

3rd, loop the pin with round nose;

4th, prepare 7 such seed bead links;

5th, slide bead links onto one jump ring;

6th, assemble the bead links with another jump ring.

Step 3: Finish Waterwheel Necklace

1st, cut a 50cm length of chain;

2nd, thread it through your finished waterwheel;

3rd, attach lobster claw onto left end;

4th, attach jump ring onto right end.

Step 4: Final Look

Tada! You have done this lovely waterwheel necklace. Hope this chic seed bead necklace brings you a touch of glamour and loveliness.



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Cute ideas, but too bad the tutorial doesn't give the measurement for the jump rings

what is the best way to hang this as a pendent? On a chain.

This is very sweet. Thanks!