These are some ways to stay active in the summer and have some FUN

Step 1: Go Swimming!!

If you have a pool in your yard, awesome!!! If you don't that's ok! There is more than likely going to be a public pool somewhere near your town

Step 2: Craft! Craft! Craft!

Arts and crafts!! I love crafting and it's fun and easy! Look up ideas on instructables!

Step 3: Play Outside

This isn't my favorite because I'm not the athletic person but it's still really fun!

Step 4: Hang Out With Friends and Family

Bonding time!!! Plan a day to play board games, or some of this stuff on this instructable! :)

Step 5: Sit and Chill

RELAX!!! You have had months of work and school! Make time for yourself!

Step 6: Hope You Enjoyed This!!

Like, comment, follow! Love ya! :3
Ok I'll do that next time thanks
<p>This would be <em>sooo</em> much better if you used your own photos, instead of googled images.</p>

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