Introduction: Fun Minnie Mouse Makeup

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I'll be showing you how to do a pink version of the Minnie Mouse eye makeup

Step 1: Materials

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The materials you need are face paint the colors are red or pink,black,white,and yellow.,face glitter, and brushes (you can see the sizes)

Step 2: Getting Ready

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The very first thing you should do is put your patients hair up

Step 3: Maskara

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Put maskara on and with your choice of putting it on heavy or light I put it on heavy but that's just me

Step 4: Eye Liner

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For the eye liner I recommend a thinner line across the eye but it's totally your choice

Step 5: Eye Shadow

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Use one of the smaller brushes to put on the eye shadow (face paint)

Step 6: Eye Sadow

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For the next coat of eye shadow use the lighter pink and brush it across the bottom so that the dark pink shows at the top

Step 7: Glitter Eye

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Put the glitter a tiny bit below the light pink so it still shows brush it across gently

Step 8: Bow

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To start the bow use the dark pink and make an x to the right of the eye

Step 9: Bow

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Now outline the eye with black and you can add details too and don't forget to make an oval in the middle of the bow

Step 10: Finishing the Bow

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To finish it off use the smallest brush and make little white polka dots

Step 11: Adding Yellow

Picture of Adding Yellow

This step is optional around the inside left part of the eye add little bit of yellow

Step 12: Eye Liner

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To finish it off lightly at the top draw the eyeliner at the very top ok the use a somewhat wet brush to blur it out and your finished

Step 13: Finished Product

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This is what it should look like when it's done


abarrier pollman made it! (author)2014-07-29

We did this last night. Super fun!

tofugami (author)2014-07-29

Too cute! I'm working on a Disney drawing study. I might just try to do this or something similar. I'll post a pic when I get it done.

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