Introduction: Fun Paper Hang Glider

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Here are some simple instructions on how to make this fun paper glider.

Materials Needed:
1 sheet 8.5 x 11 Copy Paper

Optional Materials:
A Credit Card for creasing paper.

Step 1:

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1. Fold top right corner of paper diagonally toward the left side of the page so the top of the paper is even with left side.

2. Unfold and repeat with top left corner to right side of page.

3. Unfold and then fold the top of the page directly down so the two top corners touch the intersection between the diagonal crease and the side of the page (as indicated in the picture).

Step 2:

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1. With the paper completely unfolded, fold the top of the page along the horizontal crease toward you about 90 degrees.

2. Push the two edges of the fold toward the center as shown in picture A.

3. Continue to push the fold along the crease as shown in picture B.

Note: Make sure to press all creases tightly!

Step 3:

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Fold right flange up toward point at top. Repeat with left flange.

Step 4:

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Fold newly created bottom left and bottom right sides toward center as shown in picture A. Crease edges to look like picture B.

Step 5:

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Fold the tip toward bottom side of glider just enough to meet tops of two flanges.

Step 6:

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Tuck top of both flanges into slot of folded tip as shown in the picture A.

Step 7:

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Turn glider over. Fold fins about one-half inch up on each side as shown in picture.

Step 8:

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Hold glider under the front as shown in the pictures. Let it fly!


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