Introduction: Fun & Playful Keychain

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I am going to teach you how to make this new keychain, very easy and fun to make.

Step 1: Materials Needed:

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-5 threads of rat tail of 80cm each
-2 metal charms of your choice
-1 medium or large metal bead
-various metal spheres
-multi colored beads
-key ring

Step 2: Attach & Simple Knot

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Take the tips of the thread and burn them lightly(opcional), then place the key ring and make a simple knot.
*The threads through the key ring.

Step 3: Tight Bead

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Place the medium or large metal bead through all the threads and make a knot.
*Make sure it's tight.

Step 4: The Creative Part

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Now put the beads and metal spheres in eight threads in uneven levels, knot. We take the other two threads and make the previous step and add a charm at the end(last two threads) and make a knot.
*In each thread different designs.
*In the colored beads do double knot.

Step 5: Ready to Finish

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Just have to thigten each knot, cut off the excess and burn each tip of the knot and your ready to go.
*Let the burn ends cool.

Step 6: Keychain Done!!

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I hope you enjoyed making this keychain like I did!!! Very fun, playful and easy.
*Showing two different keychain.


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