This is a simple code to display the time in multiple colours.


@echo off
title Multi coloured time


color 0a

echo Time: %time%

goto 2


color 0b

echo Time: %time%

goto 3


color 0c

echo Time: %time%

goto 4


color 0d

echo Time: %time%

goto 1

Step 1: Single Line Display

@echo off

Title Clock

Colour 8e




Goto a

This will show the time on one line instead of multiple.

<p>Cool program I tried it out, Cool rainbow effect ! Is time an inbuilt variable like random ? Would it be possible to have only one statement (BOLD) in the middle of the page? I mean that, the statement might be recurring but would it be able to recur ONLY in the middle of the page? </p>
<p>Yes, it uses your system time. I haven't found away yet but if I do I will add it here as an update.</p>

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