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Introduction: Fun Rustic Tic Tac Toe

Love Tic Tac Toe?? So do I! I've played it since I was a kid, so now I either win or it's a draw ;-D

It's a fun game to play with kids and making this rustic version makes it extra fun! Make it and gift it! Everyone would love it :-)

Step 1: Materials

5" Wood slice

10 small wood slices

10 pebbles

Acrylic paint- red, black, yellow

Acrylic wall filler

Red paint or marker pen

Black marker pen

You can either cut your own slices from a log and some branches or you can buy the slices from craft shops

Step 2: Making the Grid

Sand your 5" wood slice.

Draw lightly with a pencil the tic tac grid, just in case you make a mistake.

Place the small slices to make sure the squares are big enough. Once you are satisfied place the ruler and go over with the permanent black marker.

Step 3: Hearts and Kisses Tic Tac Toe

Mark a cross on 5 slices with your black marker pen.
Draw a heart with a pencil. This is just in case your heart goes all wrong in shape. Now either paint it with red paint or color it with a red permanent marker pen. Now you have a hearts and kisses tic tac toe to play with your loved ones! Now let's play Hearts and Kisses in the Tic Tac Toe version!

Step 4: Cute Bugs Tic Tac Toe

Paint your pebbles with acrylic wall filler so that the paint will adhere well.

Now paint 5 yellow and 5 red pebbles.

Paint one corner black. Then paint a thin line in the center. Now paint
small black dots all over. Your Lady Bug is ready to compete!

Same as you did the lady bug, paint one corner black. Then paint thin
black stripes. Now paint the bottom corner black, too. Your buzzing bee is ready to sting you out!

Lady bug VS Buzzing Bee. Who do you think would win??

Step 5:



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I NEVER win this game! Love what you did here - really sweet. I used to make these from wood many years ago and my dad made me a double-headed branding iron with an X and O on to burn into the wood. Love the bugs idea!

Thanks! There is a rule :) . If you are starting always marke the corner and then another 2 corners. You can't loose ! Unless of course your opponent marks the center as soon as you mark a corner. Then it's a draw !

Love this! As for your who would win question, as a beekeeper I'm pretty obligated to cheer for the bees : )

Thanks! Seems like my comment was deleted :-/ . So buzzing Bee it is :)

Thanks! It's fun making them.. I did a stars and moon version too, unfortunately gave it away before I could take a picture :-P

This is nice and very inspiring!

Thanks! Glad I inspired you :-)