I picture these going out to close friends of the bride. If you look for a while you can probably find heroines who look like your friends.

Step 1: Collect Romance Novels

I find these everywhere. Our local library sets them out for free. Another thrift shop sells them 2 for a nickle.

Step 2: Remove Covers

Carefully remove the covers

Step 3: Trim to 4 by 6

I use my rotary cutter to trim the covers to 4 by 6 inches. The covers are close to this size already.

Step 4: Draw the Postcard Lines

Using a straight edge I draw a line down the center and three lines for the address.

Step 5: Write the Postcard

Make sure to include all the details.

Step 6: Mail

These will certainly not be confused for junk mail.
Fun idea, those romance novel covers always make me laugh, the long haired hero with his shirt billowing in the wind, great for a bachelorette party.

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