Introduction: Fun Shower or Bachelorette Invitations From Old Romance Novells

I picture these going out to close friends of the bride. If you look for a while you can probably find heroines who look like your friends.

Step 1: Collect Romance Novels

I find these everywhere. Our local library sets them out for free. Another thrift shop sells them 2 for a nickle.

Step 2: Remove Covers

Carefully remove the covers

Step 3: Trim to 4 by 6

I use my rotary cutter to trim the covers to 4 by 6 inches. The covers are close to this size already.

Step 4: Draw the Postcard Lines

Using a straight edge I draw a line down the center and three lines for the address.

Step 5: Write the Postcard

Make sure to include all the details.

Step 6: Mail

These will certainly not be confused for junk mail.


Suzayn made it!(author)2011-08-09


ChrysN made it!(author)2011-08-09

Fun idea, those romance novel covers always make me laugh, the long haired hero with his shirt billowing in the wind, great for a bachelorette party.