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Introduction: Fun With Liquids for Kids

About: I am IT professional, living in Bangalore, India. As new gadgets come out everyday, we indulge in spending significant time and money on these gadgets. And our kids are learning from us, they know how to use...

Hi All,

I wanted to introduce liquid density concept for my son and have fun

I am going to share how to build Ocean in a bottle and Oil Timer, using everyday items, found at home

Kids can do this by themselves with little Adult supervision and have fun

Step 1: Oil Timer

Material Needed

  • 2 Plastic bottles ( small sized, cola bottles)
  • 1 Straw or thin pipe
  • Super glue
  • Water ( Distilled water prefered )
  • Blue Water color
  • Vegetable oil

How to make ?

  • Super glue two bottle caps and puncture/drill holes large enough for the pipe to pass
  • The pipes must fit tight, if you feel they are loose use can use super glue to hold them
  • The pipe height is adjusted as per the image ( It should not be at same height, keep 0.5 inch gap)
  • Add water to one of the bottles and add (water based) blue color in it, till you are happy with the shade
  • Close the cap while applying super glue
  • FIll Oil into another bottle, till the rim edge
  • Now with a swift action invert the bottle with water and close the cap


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Step 2: Ocean in a Bottle

Material Needed

  • 1 Plastic bottles
  • Super glue
  • Water ( Distilled water prefered )
  • Blue Water color
  • Vegetable oil

How to make ?

  • Add water to the bottle ( half filled)
  • Add blue color till you are happy with shade
  • Add Oil till the rim edge, removing as much as air
  • Super glue the bottle cap to the bottle while closing


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Step 3: Tips

I noticed after a day playing with them, the clarity in the oil went bad. This was because of impurities in water that got emulsified in oil.Let the bottles sit for a day, all dirt / impurities settle as a small layer just above water and below oil

Carefully remove oil and then water using a straw or pipe and fill them up again



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