Introduction: Fun With Pigs 2 (5 Sub Special)

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This is and obstacle course I made. You can make a second one to race your friend but he/she might want to use chicken and seeds instead of pigs and carrots/potatoes. Enjoy playing on my obstacle course!

Step 1: What You Need + Base

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You will need
• 1 pig ( or a few more for a challenge)
•1 carrot/ potato
•Quartz ( lot)
•2 Fence gates
•34 fences
•1 Sign

This is your starting point from here you will use the pictures to make the rest. The base is 5 ( horizontally) 7 ( vertically).

Step 2: Follow the Pictures...

Picture of Follow the Pictures...

Step 3: To the End...

Picture of To the End...

Step 4: Of the Rainbow :)

Picture of Of the Rainbow :)

Step 5: Finishing Blocks and Done!

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You are done! You can fill up the base(start) with pigs or just 1 pig. Let them free and have fun!


CraftinGenious (author)2014-05-04

I made the follower count 10 bro. Keep those 'ibles coming!

123 instructable (author)2014-04-27

Haha sweet

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