Fun With a Heat Sink: Geekify Your Home





Introduction: Fun With a Heat Sink: Geekify Your Home

I salvaged this green anodized heat sink a while back. It was too cool looking to throw away, so I tossed it in my box of parts. Today, while adding more to the box, I noticed it and got to thinking how it could be used. My first idea was sorting mail on my desk, then it just went from there to the kitchen, bath & my mini art collection of ATC's.

There's many ways to remove heat sinks from old pc component boards. It all depends on how they're attached. Sometimes they have screws, clips or sliders...or any combination of those. Some heat sinks have solid fins, rather than the pegs like mine. The pen holder idea won't work for those, but the other ideas should work fine.



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    When soldering LED circuits, bend one fin out a little and use an alligator clip to clamp the LED to it.
    It makes a stable holding platform as well as an awesome heatsink for the little guys.
    How many LEDs have you fried this week?

    Great Instructable.

    one led is gone because of me this week...  T.T

    I ended up cutting a fin from a heatsink into a strip the same width as the alligator clip mouth, and a short taper to about 1/16th inch and epoxied one to each jaw of the alligator clip.
    Now I have a heatsink that isn't a pain to work around.

    Here's another use: Stem holder for ichibana flower arrangement

    You mean i/ke/bana.

    I've seen both spellings...  Quick check...  Wiki and ebay both seem to prefer the ke spelling.  Can a person edit previous posts?

    Didn't mean to sound harsh, it's a popular misnomer. Just thought I'd point it out. I like the idea, anyway. :)

    Not sure if edit is possible here.

    How about if you glued the bottom to a flat stick and used it as a hair brush?

    Ha! Trust me, they don't work =/