This 21st century world is becoming a place of which people are more capable of creating and inventing new prototypes. On the other hand, these inventions may not always be the most efficient or beneficial for the environment. This world we live in now is becoming polluted and destroyed. Because of this, many people have decided to “Go green”, or “Live green”. Going green is all about reconditioning our earth to what it was once many years ago. Whether it is salvaging re-usable items, recycling, planting trees, or even starting a club in your school, many ways are available to contribute to saving Mother Nature.

Based on the theme “Going Green”, my class has been assigned to create a marine-themed, flat-pack cardboard costume, to provide an alternative choice to buying a costume from the store. Only using recycled cardboard and slotted construction, this costume is cheap and easy to make! If you are looking for a fun and environmentally safe project for your child, this costume may be something to take into consideration.

Design Brief:
Only using recycled cardboard and slotted construction, create a flat-packed costume of a sailboat. Following the Step by Step process, create your own cardboard sailboat that may be worn on stage.

Costume must..
• Fit the wearer
• Be comfortable
• Be able to be worn on stage
• Be able to be stored away easily
• Resemble a sailboat
• Be able to be worn by shoulder straps

Costume must…
• Be made entirely out of recycled cardboard
• Not contain fasteners, tape, string, glue etc.
• Be made from slotted construction
Supply List:
S1         CARDBOARD                           2          5ft x 2 ft        P1-P7

Tools and Equipment List:
ITEM       TOOL                     USE
T1           CUTTING MAT      Provide a base to cut/protect floor
T2           UTILITY KNIFE     Cut Cardboard
T3           RULER                  Measure Cardboard/make straight lines
T4           MARKER               Mark cardboard/ draw shape on cardboard

Step 1: Left Body of Boat

1. Use marker (T4) and ruler (T3) to measure the cardboard (S1)
    (see image)

2. Cut using cutting mat (T1) and utility knife (T2)

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