Picture of Fun folder
Now you can have a folder with all your favorate programs in it. Sorry if the pictures are to hard to read.
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Step 3: Step 3

Now you can name your folder. Next you need to click and drag programs into the folder. You should make a copy of that program ang use the copyed one. You now have a fun folder.
elkalpin5 years ago
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Shamrock635 years ago
I guess they meant it when they said there was one for everything.
sharlston5 years ago
nice instrctable looks fun
Gee, well no kidding!!!
DUDE THANK YOU SOOO MUCH! I've always wanted to know how to make a folder!!! No offense, some people make not know this. *snicker*
gamer7 years ago
this is so cool dude, you can't even spell customise!!! well... i cant either but, still...
Williz7 years ago
My god it plainly awesome I could have never done that on my own!
matseng7 years ago
Just a small tip... There's a key in the upper right corner of your keyboard labeled PrtSc or something similar. Press that key, open Paint and click on Edit | Paste (or control-V) and you get a non-blurry screenshot that you can save and upload here. Like duh....
ll.13 matseng7 years ago
I think there's an Instructable for doing that! xD
PickPacket7 years ago
This is fricking awesome, I've always want to know how to create a folder.
WurdBendur7 years ago
sardines4547 years ago
leevonk7 years ago
iKill7 years ago
If my parents saw that on my computer they would assume the worst and start looking for pR0n
ll.137 years ago
Wow. I'm......... awed!............