Fun Hampster Cookies





Introduction: Fun Hampster Cookies

My hampster (smokey) really devoured them. He loves Them, and their healthy!!

Step 1: Thing You Need to Gather

The things you need are:
*5 dandelions
*1 of the white puffy things (also found on the same plant)
  • A tablespoon measuring cup
Now you are ready.

Step 2: Mixing Together

Pull the yellow petals off and put in a cup. Pull them off of all the dandelions and put them in a cup.
Pull all the white feather things off and put in the same cup.
Mix together real good.

Step 3: Molding/ Finishing

Add a teaspoon of cold water to the mix in the cup. Mix the water in real well. Put the mushy mix in the teaspoon measuring cup and squeeze all the remaining water out and let the mold dry for at least 20 mins. If it didn't dry then it would be a gooey mess. After that it's ready to go!!!

Have fun and experiment with other flowers and things. Bye!!!



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    POOOOOOOOOR SMOKEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Can it be used 4 other small animals?

    i give them to my gerbil

    Such a great idea!!! I have to try this myself! I think my hamster would really like to eat some cookies :D

    Dude! You need some clearer pictures in this ible.

    Srry, i have to zoom in so much because i,m working with things so small!!!

    haha its ok. Try using the macro function on your camera though. by the way, are the stems really poisonous?

    no, but i'd wash them first cause they could have might make you hampster sick but it dosent hurt it. it would gove it diarea.

    Oh, cookies for hamsters...