Picture of Fun to make! Fun to wear! 100% Eco-Friendly Angelfish Costume
The creation of this costume was the result of a school technology assignment. This project was a creative way to teach students the design process and give us a chance to practice what we had learned. Creating the costume and designing it was also preparing us for larger projects ahead. Since we only had limited space in the classroom, our technology teacher chose to have use create a flat pack design. Flat pack products are not only a modern idea, but also would save space in our classroom. Since 77 students would be creating their own costumes, we chose to make our costumes out of cardboard. By using this material, we could use recycled cardboard and it would not have an impact on our fragile environment.

Design Brief:
Create an eco-friendly, marine themed, costume that will fit a middle school aged child and is easy to create and assemble.

The costume will be created for use as a Halloween costume or for use in a play. The costume will be worn by a middle school aged child. The costume must stay together and be created using a flat pack design and no adhesives. The costume will also be made out of 100% recycled materials such as cardboard. The costume must be stored flat and save space in the home of the wearer.

>Must fit a middle school aged child
>Must be comfortable
>No adhesives or fasteners can be used
> Must provide enough space for the wearer to breathe and walk safely
> Must be made out of cardboard only
> Must be easy to assemble
> Can not require very large pieces of cardboard  so that the average person can acquire it
>Must be a flat pack design
>Must be safe

Supply List:

S1       CARDBOARD                        2         40x18                     Body
S2       CARDBOARD                        1         30x18                     Head
S3       CARDBOARD                        1         36x18                     Tail
S4       CARDBOARD                        1         10x15                     Caudal Fin
S5       CARDBOARD                        1          18x18                    Shoulder Straps

Tools and Equipment List:
ITEM     TOOL                        USE

T1         CUTTING MAT         Protecting the carpet and table surfaces
T2         UTILITY KNIFE        Cutting the cardboard for the model and costume
T3         RULER                     Measuring the sizes of the pieces to cut out
T4         PENCIL                    Marking out the shape and size of the pieces
T5         MARKER                  Darkening the pieces so they are easily seen

Parts List:
ITEM    QTY          PART NAME

P1        2               BODY
P2       1                HEAD
P3       1                TAIL
P4       1               CAUDAL FIN
P5       1                DORSAL FIN
P6       2                SHOULDER STRAP