Step 5: End

There you go

The skys the limit to what you can do
UBERBANKAI5 years ago
Hey, is there a way to have your computer run like a sound file when you hit yes on a message box?
Say i were to have a message box say: (in text) Hello I am a virus, don't be alarmed.
then it would have just an ok button  then when they press ok it  plays some sound from their computer.
yes put the sound file in the same folder as the script. Enter this in the script...

set wshshell = wscript.CreateObject("wscript.shell")

a=msgbox ("Hello I am a virus, don't be alarmed.", 16)

wshshell.run "file.wav"

I assumed the file was a wav file. Where it says file.wav type the full filename like
music.mid or tada.wav
DJP4VEP6 years ago
you arnt actually teaching anyone how to create a script. what is the point in this instructable? im wanting to know what to put at the end of a fake virus script i have made in order to shutdown the computer after 60 secs. please help me