Notan is Japanese,  meaning the relationship between light and dark.  This is a fun and easy project for all ages.  When I did this project with 6-10 year olds, we kept our shapes simple and able to be cut out with scissors.    If this is your first experience in creating your own Notan piece, I suggest that you  a).  keep the images simple.  b.)  use a light weight paper, and c.)  make sure your craft blade is new.  Have fun and remember; a mistake is just another design opportunity.  

Step 1: Materials

Materials needed:  
Black paper cut into a square  (for this sample a 5 1/2" square was used)
cutting board
craft knife
detail scissors (optional)
1 larger sheet of paper for mounting the art work on.   ( for this sample a 12 x 12 " sheet of paper was used.  This paper size will vary depending upon the size of the cut outs, and the size of the black square. ) 
Tacky Glue   
<p>I volunteered for my sons class presenting this awesome art project</p>
Very interesting. Children can have a lot of fun with this technique.
This is really neat. I'll have to try this.

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