Fun With Numbers!





Introduction: Fun With Numbers!

I like to teach Math tricks because I think Maths can be also funny :)

Step 1: ​Multiplication Tables

Multiplication tables are often hard to learn for children, so tricks can be used to help.

The most difficult multiplication seems to be 7x8. It can be learnt this way: 5-6-7-8 -> 56 = 7x8 -> 7x8 = 56

Someone found multiplication table of 9 difficult, but when I was a child, my mom taught me this trick, the "stairways" or the "elevator":

The digit of the tens goes up, the digit of the units goes down.

Step 2: Joke to the 8

Now we're making a joke to the 8. Lets pretend 8 doesn't exist and write down all the digits from 1 to 9. You'll get this number:


Now multiply this number for one of the results of the multiplication table of the 9, from 9 to 81. You'll obtain a number that's have only one digit, and that the one you multiply the 9 for in the number you choose.

Step 3: Pyramid of 1s

This is simpler to understand just looking to the image. :)

Step 4: Music

This is not mine, but I think it's wonderful: Song from π!

Step 5: Pythagoras's Theorem

Pythagoras's Theorem demonstrated with water (not mine), for older pupils:



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Questions & Answers


Quello nello step 1 è il modo con il quale ho imparato la tabellina del 9! Ricordo che quell'anno avevamo un'altra insegnante di matematica che ci ha insegnato quel metodo...e lo uso ancora quando ho dei vuoti di memoria :D

Ce n'è anche un altro che si basa sulle coppie del 10 (1+9, 2+8, 3+7, ecc.), in pratica è: 4x9=4x10-4=40-4=36. Se si sanno benissimo le coppie del 10 è un metodo velocissimo. Ce ne sono un sacco di giochetti e trucchi. :) Ci sono anche le "Tabelline canterine", canzoncine per aiutare a imparare le tabelline.