Be they Swedish or German, cornmeal or buttermilk, fluffy or crepe-esque, pancakes are a meal that everyone can agree on world wide. Some people like them for their taste, others for their texture, and some just enjoy them as a host food that makes it acceptable for you to drown a meal in syrup. What ever your reasons for liking pancakes, I'm sure that we can all agree that they are a fun way to make a mess while cooking.

Step 1: Instraments and Ingiediants of the Pancake

For this project you will need a couple of things to make this project fun, easy, and beautiful. Here's a list of things you will be needing.

Pancake batter- use a mix or make it from scratch, what ever you prefer. The only thing that you should be concerned about with the batter would be the consistency of the batter. You want the batter to be reasonably thin, but you do not want it to be a runny mess either. The only reason why this matter is that you will be squeezing it out of a tiny hole at a fairly fast rate which, if the batter is not fairly fluid, can lead to explosive results. And frankly, not the fun type of explosive when it comes time to clean up. If your batter is lumpy if mixed by hand, use an electric mixer.

Food coloring- choose whatever colors you like. I suggest high contrast colors for extra fun for the visual part of this project. Colors that contrast well together are on opposite sides of the color wheel. I use gell food colorings for bright colors. You can use liquid colors, but be warned that it can potentially wreak havoc on the consistency of your batter.

Squeeze Bottles- these allow for accurate and detailed dispension of your batter. The are the same thing as those condiment squeeze bottles, but having clear ones help gauge the saturation of color in you pancake batter. If you are not a  great shot when it comes to pouring things acuratetly through the mouth of another container, you may want to consider using a funnel to get it through the opening of the bottle.

Griddle- obviously,  if you're wanting a cooked pancake your going to need to cook it on something. I had a giddle handy and therefore used it, but if you do not, use a frying skillet with a large, flat base.
these remind me so of Dr Suess! They will make a perfect breakfast for the beginning of our Dr Suess unit coming up soon at my house! :) Thanks for sharing.
The kids loved them! <br>They even agreed that orange and blue where the best colors.
These look amazing! I hope you had fun in the process of making them.
Very Fun! You give great instructions and clever suggestions to move it to the next level. I'll think we'll try them this weekend!
what a brilliantly simple idea! <br>cant wait to try it. <br>
This one made me smile, too. <br>And I think I'll have to surprise my little one with pancakes like that :-)
i want to make me some art pancakes... that would be a great restaraunt idea. <br>
great colors!
i love it these made me smile
At the risk of making competition for my own entry (Child's Play Homemade Tootsie Rolls) why haven't you entered this in the &quot;Play With Your Food&quot; contest? Better hurry; it closes today.

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