Shooting Mints


Introduction: Shooting Mints

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You know those sneaky tins of mints that you get at conferences, the ones that have no obvious opening mechanism? Well they do have one, you press the middle down...

Well that's a pop lid... Like a spring...

Ohoh, this is my 70th 'ible...

Step 1: Safety...

This little game turned out to be dangerous, my first reaction was to shoot one in to my mouth, it worked in the sense that the mint was travelling fast enough to injure the roof of my mouth and ricochet back out.

Mints in the eye are considered socially unacceptable. Eh, while flying mints are considered a minor nuisance getting one in somebody's eye is apparently unreasonable and it looked painful.

Step 2: How to Do It

Rather simple, pop the top and take a mint out, but don't eat it.

Set the top back on without letting it snap on, put the mint in the middle.

Squeeze the sides.

Enjoy fresh breathed carnage.

Step 3: How to Get Them in Your Mouth

If you do want to get a mint in to your mouth shoot it directly up beside you and catch it, otherwise it can be a choking hazard, as in it hits the roof of your mouth and flies down your throat...

Step 4: Mints in Your Hair!

Before leaving check your hair for mints, I found a total of eight in mine, three in my top pocket and one in my jeans pocket...

Also on a serious note, conference mints are an important part of the world economy, it's vital that conference goers shovel handfuls of the little tins in to their pockets when given the opportunity in order to keep the system working.



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    this is cool congrats on your 70th ible

    :D This is one of those pointless instructables that everyone loves for absolutely no reason! YAY! for Altoids!

    P.S. I really hope you ate the extras- not doing so would be a waste. :P

    2 replies

    Of course I ate the extras... Self indulgence is kind of my thing...

    And thankyou, I haven't had much project time lately, so the next one is infinitely more useless and way more fun, actually it depends, the other I'm just needing to test more is incredibly useful in a cartoonish suppervillain way.

    Sweet! I'm waiting- message me when you finish. :D

     actually no, someone did that to me on one of my ibles and i wanted to do it :)

    Cheers smart, the problem is once you have one you eat the whole tin... Hmm Chain minting...

    Hahaha, there should be a warning on the packet, "Chain minting causes dangerously fresh breath"

    Could abbreviate, Chinting... Mate I'm chinted yeooo...


    /me awaits the style magazine editorial "chinted is the new crunk".  It'll start with some hip-hop star eating mints all night at an awards ceremony, a celebrity mint endorsement or two, then trendy Shoreditch bars will start hosting mint parties and before you know it you'll be getting a free drink with your mints, not the other way around.

    I should be in PR :P

    LOL I was doing this in primary school, but it was it a glass bottle cap and some bb's

    Thanks ninzer I see you patchin' I be patchin'...

    I love it! i will be collecting mints of all sorts to start the next mint war at my next conference.