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Hello there!
This is my first one so please...
Here i will show you how to make a simple rocket-like thing using teabag and matches.

Things you will neeed:
A teabag.
Fire source

Step 1: 1)

Picture of 1)

First take everything out of teabag and open it up like in this picture.
Remove the metal thing that connects both sides.
Make it like a tunnel or cylinder.
Don't brake anything.

Step 2: 3) End

Picture of 3) End
Put the raped teabag vertical,
light the TOP OF IT!
If everything went well it should go straight up.

hope you liked it. Its good to show this to some friends when your bored, or at the bar or somewhere similar.


monZy (author)2007-04-29

These are the special teabags, in europe only. Latviešiem ir viss pieejams :)

bobdole5656 (author)monZy2011-03-31

um no i have som and i liv in montana

jjjjake (author)monZy2008-12-30

thats y they didn't work so well with mine

flamethrower1010 (author)2010-04-19

 you waste about 3 times as much as you need to, you only need about 3 inches of the paper, if you cut it in 2 segments maby 3, you could repeat this trick 3 times insted of once.

weaponscollector94 (author)2009-12-12

um you misspelled "wrapped" and wrote "raped" just thought i should inform you!

No, he wrote right, the teabag is literary "raped" :D Get it? :D
Only latvians can make up such "trick" :D

zeppozeppozep (author)2008-10-30

Nice instructable although I think in future you should leave out the word "rape" when describing things. Aside from it being insensitive for no good reason it is also inaccurate since you really "gutted" the teabag unless you left out a step.

datelus (author)zeppozeppozep2008-10-30

sorry, did this a while back, didn't have a complete English vocabulary

zeppozeppozep (author)datelus2008-10-30

perfectly understandable.

Visitor (author)2006-12-27

The description about this trick is a bit incorrect. Temperature difference in the room makes no difference to whether the teabag flies or not. The common reason that prevents successful flight is ventilation. This trick is essentially a _very_ stripped down hot air balloon. 1. The fire heats the air above the teabag. 2. Hot air is lighter than cold air. 3. A column of hot air moving upwards develops above the teabag. 4. The air current provides lift. 5. As soon as the teabag is light enough (i.e. it has burnt down) the air current lifts it up. If there are other strong air currents in the room (from ventilation or air conditioning) the column will be disrupted and the teabag will not take off.

Lukes mate1 (author)Visitor2008-10-29

how di u find that out?

Visitor (author)Lukes mate12008-10-30

I learned the physics part at school and I read the explanation somewhere in the Internet. I figured out that the explanation seemed credible and it fit within the laws of physics. So I decided that I could pass the information on as knowledge.

Lukes mate1 (author)Visitor2008-10-30

oh cool thanks for telling me!

Demoniclemon666 (author)2008-08-07

lol that is a good story, and i like the advice!!!

which teabags are they?

cyclonefan94 (author)2008-03-31

He said teabag. That's worth a plus one right there.

duck-lemon (author)2007-10-07

i dont understand, more detailed instructions plz

PyroMonger (author)duck-lemon2008-01-31

watch the video and u will get's very simple

zorro3355 (author)2007-10-14

hey! where did u get the music of that song? i only could find the track with eminem n music

Corrosive Monkey (author)2007-06-30

It's also good to ask the people around you to give you notes to put under the teabag before you light, and then watch their faces as they think you will burn their money. Of course you give it back to them afterwards.

Any teabag works the same. Use any teabag you have. the reason it goes up is because once the teabag has been burnt it creates a residue which is lighter than air so it goes straight up! have fun !

I don't think I'd say lighter than air. The ash just rises in the heat it just gave off by being on fire. The ash settles back down eventually so it can't be lighter than air. This is the same way ashes fly out of a camp fire too.

lipton tea has the right size bags

jwatriss (author)2007-04-04

Yeesh... reminds me of a time in high school. Man, I really shouldn't admit this. In the bathroom stall, silly 15 year old boy loops the TP over the doorframe in the stall, and lights the bottom of it. Thermal currents, unforeseen to our hero, carry the whole burning wad of TP up and around the ceiling, threatening (or so I thought) to burn the building down, and there I am, literally, with my pants around my ankles. Would have crapped myself, had I not just finished, well, you know. Needless to say, it didn't start a fire or anything, but boy was it a terriying "oh, crap," moment. So, for the sake of being constructive here, let this be a lesson to all of you. If you're going to set fire to such things, remember to do so with your pants UP and your bowels clear, just in case you have to run and grab something to put out the ceiling.

Tomton (author)2007-03-28

Is is the string inside or outside on that picture?

eh (author)2007-03-21

mine just burned down and stopped and i have the same teabag..?

musicisthekey (author)2007-03-21

i like it but none of the teabags we have at my house are in the same format as the oen you showed there just paper squares with tea leaves inside

manmelvin (author)2007-03-17

yo jarek_fx i liked your story this is my first time on here too im living in Ukraine right now Go eastern europe;p

manmelvin (author)2007-03-17

sombody needs to put some card tricks or somthing on here im tired of knex guns! <(")>

gobob29 (author)2007-02-25

this is awsom

street104 (author)2007-02-18

thats pretty cool

theking (author)2006-12-30

I tried this and set my house on fire!!! i hate you!

jarek_fx (author)2006-12-27

hello there, i'm mailing from poland. this is my first mail... in poland this trick is well known, but it is commonly showed with a small story - about russian rockets! here is the story: (YOU: take the teabag from the box, tell the story) ... One guy wanted to own a rocket to send a satelite to space. but US rocket was too expensive for him, so he asked guys from russia. they said - ok it will cost 1milion bucks. guy: it's too expencive is it possible to find a way to make it cheaper? russians: well, we can take out the stabilizers.. (YOU: take apart yellow paper label) guy: great, how much is for this option? russians: 500.000$ guy: well - it's still too much for me. can you find a cheaper way? russians: well, let's try to fly without all computer and electric wires! (YOU: pull out that twine which is connected to tea bag) guy: great! how much is for that now? russians: 250.000$ guy: no, no - it's still too much for me! do something! russians: well, last thing we can remove is FUEL! guy: GREAT! will this rocket fly? russians: sure. we did it before! guy: how much is then? russians: 100.000$ guy: great! do it! (YOU: open teabag and remove the tea leafs) russians: now, it is light and cheap! give us 100.000$ guy: here it is! (YOU: take small amounts from adults or sweets from kids) ... rest you already know. IMPORTANT: this rocket flies only if the temperature DIFFERENCE between table and upper part of your room is big enough! if it's similar this trick may not work! all the best! jarek_fx

iZaP (author)2006-12-25

i dont have the teabags like you do :(

ItalianStln323 (author)2006-12-02

or, you could make the tea before opening the tea bag and then just empty the spent leaves and let the paper dry out . Then you don't have to waste any of that Earl Gray :P

Dieffsta (author)2006-11-28

wait , do you take all the tea leaves out of the bag then light it? or leave them in...? please post answer....thanks!

datelus (author)Dieffsta2006-11-28

i take them out, of course :)

Dieffsta (author)datelus2006-11-28

ok thanks...

Dieffsta (author)2006-11-27

this looks really cool...its the best kind of instructable in my opinion, simple, yet extremely amusing

ldbrooks36 (author)2006-11-27

Didnt work for me cuz-im a dum-ass!lolhaaha!

ldbrooks36 (author)2006-11-27

Way cool i like bar`s tricks...Fun!

silliou (author)2006-11-26

I have done this before, but I cut the bag down into 3 so I get 3 times the fun from each bag.

aiden120000 (author)2006-11-22

damm all ive got is pg prymid tips

_diyMATT (author)2006-11-22

brake? Is this done in a car?

Shifman (author)2006-11-22

Nice these are the things i look for in instructables great insctructable A+

Sidney Floyd (author)2006-11-22

though i found out how to do this when i was about 7 its still alright

Jjimison (author)2006-11-21

What kind of speakers do you have there?

datelus (author)Jjimison2006-11-21

they're sony. from a pretty old mini audio system ( bought it on 2001 )

erfonz (author)2006-11-21

At which step do you rape the teabag? I'm sorry, I couldn't resist saying that.

billcd (author)2006-11-21

i love anything with fire; but this one is great. I wonder if there is a better way. hate to waist a bag of Earl Grey! I mean one would be ok, but I would want to do 5 at a time!

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