Introduction: Smartphone Function Generator

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What happens when you hack a vibration sensor and combine with a smarphone function gen
You get a high amplitude function gen this type of function gen has high performanc

Step 1: Hacking the Vibration Sensor

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this vibration sensor had a coil in the input that when the magnet vibrated the coil would send electric singal to the lm324 i have just replaced the coil with my smarphone headphone out and the output was only the lm324 output

Step 2: Getting the Function Gen

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Ok this is very easy you can get function gen for android and ios evry whear some are with money some are free i have get my one the playstore for free

Step 3: Setting Evrything Up

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ok to get the frequency that is sending the smarphone you ned a load on the input i have just puted a npn transistor and it read evry thing ok it just hase 0.01 lost


Eisad (author)2013-12-17

sorry the second photo is not the entier setup

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