There are times I don't need or want to carry a large purse with me when I go out.  I have designed this adorable purse so I can grab my wallet, keys, and other small items that I may need for my trip.  The strap can be worn over the shoulder or tied in a knot for hand carrying.  It can easily be converted into a fanny pack.   Lets get started and I will show you how quick and easy it is to make!  

Step 1: Supplies

1 Neck tie.
1 Sleeve from a lined blazer or suit jacket.
1 Matching button.  
Hook and eye, snaps, or Velcro for flap closure if you don't make a button hole. 
Label optional.
Fuse-able inter-facing to use inside  the neck- tie as a stabilizer.
Matching thread.

Looks great sunshiine! So practical and pretty for when you don't want to tote around a larger bag. Great idea. ;)
Thanks for commenting canucksgirl! It was fun and easy to make. Have a super day!<br>Sunshiine
You're welcome! I was also thinking that this would make for a very pretty storage bag. Maybe for sewing supplies, or for when your knitting or sewing. (You can never have too much storage).
That is a great idea! Thanks for sharing and hope your evening is superb! <br>Sunshiine
Great idea!
Oooooh I love this purse! Not only cute but just the right size.
Thanks! It is easy to make also! Have a beautiful day!<br>Sunshiine

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