Step 3: Make the Body Strap

Now we'll make the body strap, or the long strap that will go around your body.
  1. Sand the inside of the strap channel on one of the female side release buckles so that it slides easily along the strap. This will involve sanding, then checking the fit, and repeating. You want to pay particular attention to any bumps or other grabbing/friction devices. Also, be careful not to sand too much off. You still want this buckle to be strong.
  2. Slide the modified female side release buckle onto the strap.
  3. Use the remaining side release buckle set to connect the ends of the strap.
Awesome instructable! Very well-written. I think I might try making this
Let me know how it turns out.
Really nice, straightforward DIY R-Strap write-up! Also love that it can be made with any number of materials without changing the basic design.<br><br>I have only one or two questions / suggestions.<br><br>The only real weaknesses in this (aside from the inherent risks of plastic buckles) are the hole for the bolt and the strap ends.<br><br>The hole could be reinforced with a dual layer of strapping (doubling the strap back and forming a single loop through the buckle), and the hole punched with a heated tip or punch. This also makes the camera-side buckle more secure, removing an unsecured strap end.<br><br>The other ends might benefit from a double ladderlock setup, just to make it as secure as possible, especially for heavier rigs.
I totally get what you are saying. I opted not to double the strap because I still want'ed the threads from the tripod mount to get a good perch. Also, I yanked on the strap with the hole quite a bit, sharing your same concern. It didn't fail.<br><br>The extra buckles may be necessarily for heavier rigs, but for mine this seems to be plenty strong and secure.<br><br>Thanks for the input!

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