Step 5: Trigger Assembly

The trigger assembly was originally made out of a copper strap hanger which you can see in the picture. The only picture of the final trigger is an installed on, but the old one shows the concept of how it works. I cut the trigger assembly out of a brass strike plate with a dremel, and then hand filed to the desired shape. Can you tell I like my dremel? The larger hole is 1/4" in diameter, and the smaller hole is 5/32" in diameter. The strike plate already had a curve end which I made the top of the trigger. I pushed it through the chrome sleeve, loaded a dart, locked it in place, and then bent the bottom of the trigger to lock it in place( I beat it with a hammer).
This is actually pretty amazing, and I enjoyed reading every step. I actually bought a Chinese Sleeve Arrow (thats what i think it's called), and this 'ible helped me figure out how ut works and helps me if I decide to make a copy if the one I bought
Wow! This is a cool twist! Way better than those dumb paper launchers and stick shooters. You should make an 'ible about making an ammo kit for this out of a tin our something so that people can use it in a survival situation.
does the screw hit the spring?
i cannot believe that nobody else has commented on this, it is such a well designed and thought out piece, it is somewhat reminiscent of some of the more dangerous zip guns, which require bullets to fire. I am planning to make an instructable on a small steel crossbow soon, if I do, i will definitely include a link to this i'ble, because I think that it is highly unjustified that this has received less views than other really basic, boring weapons, like the ten thousand "skewer launching" items that even the average ten year old could make without any instructions. 5/5 please make more instructables, you obviously have a very comprehensive understanding of the technical side of things (and some awesome dremel skills) keep up the good work LG oh also, you are my first subscription
Thank you so much. I haven't even seen my instructable posted on the main site yet. I've been looking everyday for almost 2 weeks. How did you find it?
look at page 76 on offbeat thats one place though i stummbled across it on a search to<br>
or page 98<br>
i think it came up when i searched "metal dart"
this is great right now i am working on one of these out of pens and house hold materials
so in the end i could not get any pens to fit over top of each other and fit my spring but i have started making one of scrap steel from behind our shop and so far i have the spring and the tubing for the spring ready i found that i did not need a end cap i just cut a cross into the pipe and bent the sides down it worked really well
Thanks so much for the instructable. I finally was able to build mine. I changed it so instead of using a steel pipe i used another copper one. it gave it more of an &quot;old&quot; feeling to it. Great Instructions!
how much money did this cost
&nbsp;where do you get the shut off valve? I have looked everywhere for it. If you could help me out that would be great.
My local hardware store sells them, but you can also get them at any plumbing supply house. I&nbsp;hope this helps. If not let me know and I&nbsp;will try to locate 1 for you.<br />
so...this is sorta like a ballistic knife! this is awesome i am going totally make one! ya i have built several ballistic knives so i guess it is the same concept!<br />
how much does cost to make
I had most of the parts already, but I think if I were to buy them new it would be around $20 to $30.
you could increas its aro dynamics by super glueing a rubber tip in the end its an ok idea hope it helps
WOW! I CANNOT believe this has so little comments! It is so cool! I am going to make one right now!!!!!
Thank you, I'd love to see a pic of yours if you do.
could you make this with a camping spring????
I sorry I'm not sure what a camping spring is, but as long as it is a compression sprig and it will fit into 1/2" copper tubing I don't see any reason why it wouldn't work.
this is pretty awsom im gonna make the its probly better then my crossbow with is like 2m wide (bow) and is very annoying to carry
Let me know how it works out for you.
This is great, and the weapon you're talking about is called the "Chinese sleeve arrow dart".
That's what it's called. Thank you Pretty cool aren't they?
i fully agree with lemming genocide this deserves more views!!!!
Thanks, I hope more people see it!
so how far does this thing shoot?
I can hit a target accurately about 20ft away, but It can shoot a little further than 35ft. I'm sure I could increase the range and accuracy with a stronger spring, but I don't think I'd let my son play with it if I did.

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